You have decided to go to Miami? Very good choice, you will not be bored. Miami could be called the city that never sleeps. Beach, party, stroll in the city or in nature, outdoor sports, shopping … the activities are not lacking.

But how to enjoy your vacation without a quality accommodation? Whether you are planning to go with your family, as a couple or with friends, there is something for everyone. How about a taste just before you leave? I tell you everything you need to know about it.

Where to stay in Miami


Why go to Miami?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, I suggest you take a quick look at the city. Miami is a city located on the southeastern tip of Florida, in the United States. Did you know that this city is actually an island? It is fortunate to enjoy a tropical climate for much of the year. Its pleasant temperatures attract a lot of tourists all year round. And for good reason, several bridges connect the piece of land to the mainland. Miami is also known for being a cosmopolitan city.

Moreover, the famous Little Havana district totally reflects this aspect! I advise you to go there if you want to immerse yourself in the Cuban universe without having to go to Cuba. A change of scenery guaranteed! Here, you won’t meet many tourists, but mostly “pure” Cubans.

And for the fans of decoration, you will not be disappointed. A little stroll in the Art Deco district of Miami is a must. You will find there a hundred buildings dating from the 20s, 30s and 40s. On the program, color and more color: buildings with geometric shapes dressed with multicolored neon on the facades, and painted with pastel colors. I suggest you to visit it in the middle of the night to enjoy the illuminated facades. Thus, you will appreciate even more the magic of the place.

What would Miami be without South Beach and its famous lifeguard cabins? It is an ideal spot to sunbathe or enjoy the beach. Moreover, the temperature of the sea water in Miami oscillates between 21° and 30° throughout the year. If lazing around is not your cup of tea and you prefer more dynamic activities, a host of activities await you: outdoor weight training, paddle, rollerblading, cycling.

South Beach in Miami


You can also take advantage of the warm nights of Miami to party. The city is very famous for its many bars, rooftops or clubs. Everything is possible in Miami Beach! Yes, it is not for nothing that the nickname of Miami is Magic City.

Well, activities are good, but you have to sleep at some point. But in fact, what are the places to rest and recharge the batteries in the city? And above all, how to choose the places to stay according to your situation: as a couple, with family or with friends? I’ll tell you about it right now.

Where to stay in Miami with your family?

Although Miami is known for being a party city that attracts many young people, families can also have a good time here. To make sure you choose the best accommodation for your family vacation, you need to take stock of your situation. Very often, when going on a family vacation, calmness and routine are important criteria for a good vacation. If you have small children, I encourage you to book a home in a quiet neighborhood. The North Beach and Mid Beach areas will surely please you. This way, you can enjoy the paradisiacal landscape of Miami Beach in a quiet environment.

As for the type of accommodation, you have a choice. But there is nothing like the “kid friendly” hotels. They will welcome you as it should be. Among these hotels, I could recommend the Loews. This establishment offers a multitude of activities for children.

In a different atmosphere, many Miami hotels offer a little more independence and a feeling of being at home. You will feel at home and your children will be comfortable.

Where to stay in Miami with friends?

Miami is one of the most popular destinations for young people. Day and night, the activities follow one another, but you have to find a place to get your strength back. And there again, there is no shortage of places to stay for a group of friends.

For those on a budget, youth hostels are perfect. Many establishments of this kind are very well located in Miami Beach. Moreover, this type of accommodation is frequented by many young people. These places are therefore conducive to meetings. Let’s hear it!

Finally, there is another internationally known way to find a place to sleep in Miami. It is the Airbnb accommodations. The advantage of renting through this means is the flexibility. Unlike traditional hotels, you can in some cases arrange with the host for arrival and departure times, but also for other aspects. It is also an opportunity to immerse yourself a little more in the local “juice” since you sleep in the home of the host while temporarily being the masters of the place.

Where to stay in Miami with your lover?

With its heavenly beaches, Miami is a dream destination for a romantic getaway. This city is perfect to find the flame. And here again, there are many places to stay that are conducive to love. I suggest you book a room in a charming hotel for your romantic trip. You’ll have no trouble finding what you’re looking for, Miami is full of them.

The 3 must-see places in Miami

Whatever the purpose of your trip to Miami, there are places not to be missed. I propose you a small tour of three addresses to visit absolutely during your trip.

Coconut Grove, time for a romantic stroll

The Coconut Grove district is full of little nuggets to spend a quality moment in love. First of all, you should know that it is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Miami. For lovers of architecture and history, you will enjoy it! Ideal for strolling in love, you can discover the Barnacle Historic Park. It is a park full of charm. You will find a beautiful Victorian style house. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the peace and quiet and take a stroll while enjoying the shade of the trees.

Ocean Drive, the most famous street in Miami

Before leaving Miami, you absolutely have to take a picture on the famous Ocean Drive. I assure you that you will be a sensation on social networks! It’s the perfect place to take out your best outfits and pose on the most Instagrammable street in Miami!

Espanola Way: the street with a Mediterranean feel in Miami

Yes, I told you, Miami is a cosmopolitan city! After Cuba, it’s the Mediterranean’s turn. Espanola Way is a small street entirely pedestrian. In this street, you will be able to treat yourself with good Italian, French or Spanish dishes. Moreover, you will have the embarrassment of the choice, about fifteen restaurants are installed all along the street. It’s hard not to find what you’re looking for!

Miami is really the city of all possibilities. Whether you are a couple, with friends, lovers or even alone, you will always find something to do in Miami.

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