Walking is a good first step (pun intended) when starting an exercise routine. For those who are looking to start walking for exercise, a good pair of walking shoes should be the first investment. The second, but often overlooked, investment should be several pairs of walking socks. Yes, socks designed specifically for walking are important and available. Consider the benefits :

Cushion and comfort

Cushioning comes in a variety of thicknesses, but light cushioning is suggested when you are starting out. Socks with light cushioning are relatively thin, but provide extra protection at the heel and ball of the foot. Whether you are establishing your routine on an outdoor walking path or on an indoor track, socks with light cushioning will keep your feet comfortable and cramp free.

No blisters

Everyday cotton socks hold and absorb sweat. Cotton socks get wet quickly, bunch up, and rub against the feet, causing blisters. Walking socks are made from materials that do not absorb moisture. Instead, walking socks transfer dampness to the interior of the shoe, protecting the foot. Well-designed walking socks keep feet dry and blister-free.


Beginners will find an array of styles, weights, fabrics, colors, and lengths.

  • Thicknesses are light, medium, and heavy. Choice depends on the weather and intensity of exercise.
  • Styles and lengths include no-show, ankle, crew, and knee-high. The length is selected to compliment the type of shoe or boot. Crew is the most common length for walkers.
  • Fibers commonly found in walking socks are wool, polyester, nylon, spandex, and silk. Most walking socks are a blend of fibers.
  • Socks come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, allowing for the fun of creating an individual style

People often find walking socks so comfortable that they also wear them around the house or use them as bedroom slippers.

Dry Feet

Walking socks are made from fabrics designed to absorb moisture. Perspiration on the feet during walks and hikes give rise to all sorts of problems including blisters and odor.

Benefits of Walking Socks

Warm Feet

Nice weather is the best time to start walking. But, hopefully, walking will become a habit continued even through less favorable weather. Even lightweight walking socks are thick enough to keep feet warm in all kinds of weather.

Happy Feet

A final tip: When buying walking socks for the first time, skip local big-box stores and go to sporting good stores either in person or online. Follow the advice provided for first-timers at the specialty shops and sites.


Walking socks don’t actually provide new-found dancing skill, aka “happy feet.” But whenever a person is establishing a new exercise routine, removing roadblocks is an essential key to success. The right socks will keep feet warm, comfortable, and blister-free. Putting on a colorful, comfortable sock might be just the motivation a person needs to keep participating in a new walking habit.

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