In addition to leading a healthy lifestyle and following a good diet, more and more people are resolving to get into sports. The goal? Have a flat stomach, get the V-Cut Abs, or even get some abs draw to have an attractive body at the beach and a beautiful build.

train abs without equipment

Photos : Marc Fitt

Here are some exercises to do on a daily basis to build your abdominals at home quietly, and according to each level.

Training your abs : where to start?

Bodybuilding: beginner level

You want to finally see you abs ? At first, allocate 5 minutes a day; for example, every morning before the shower. Work hard, make 3 sets of 20 reps to start. Take a break between each set of 30 seconds maximum and do not hesitate to drink sips of water.

Continue with a good breakfast to feed your muscles, which need protein and carbohydrates to grow.

Here is a first video to strengthen your abdominals. Know that this demonstration is available in a mobile application, with a calendar to follow your efforts.

The first days, you will have aches; This is completely normal. My advice is to wait until it happens not to wrinkle a muscle and especially that the pain does not demotivate you.

On the other hand, as soon as you have no more stiffness, no excuse: one recovers it.

Bodybuilding: intermediate level

After ten days, you can increase your pace, from 20 to 30 repetitions for example. Your body and mind should be ready for more intense sessions. Feel free to vary the exercises, to work other areas, like the abs at the bottom.

Here’s a video of the very well done British Olympic diver Tom Daley, who distills his daily exercises to build muscles.

Bodybuilding: level confirmed

If you feel it’s time for you to take the next step, it’s going to have to register at the gym. Indeed, without material or professional for your frame, you can get to be in shape and see your abs draw slowly. But to have an athlete body, it will integrate a room for the intense training of muscle abs!

Here is another video of the Canadian coach Marc Fitt to help you strengthen your abdominals:

How Often Should You Train Your Abs?

Going after that perfect six-pack of core glory is a lofty goal—but just how often should you train your abs to reach max efficiency in this endeavor?

It may help to remember that the abs—for all their hype—are just another set of muscles, and thus, they should be trained intentionally as such. This means building core-strengthening exercises into your workout regimens; generally speaking, leave at least one day of rest in between each ab session.

Frequency is just one factor when it comes to training your abs, however. Considering some of the following five key points will help you just as much as training consistently will.

  1. Incorporate static movements—crunches are the gold ab standard, but don’t neglect core-stabilizing moves like planks, which can help strengthen not just your abs, but lower back and hips as well. A stable core is a strong core.
  2. Add resistance—increasing the work your muscles do for any type of exercise is body-building 101, and your abs should be no different. Dumbbells and medicine balls can easily be incorporated into a set of crunches, for example.
  3. Don’t neglect your lower abs—almost anyone can achieve a four-pack, and that’s because the lower abs are the hardest area of the core to target. Reverse crunch movements, especially with legs elevated, are a great way to build the lower abs.
  4. Keep up with your cardio and diet—interval training helps to burn fat by raising metabolism levels. Similarly, maintaining a diet that keeps you at less than 10% body fat is key to revealing the abs you’ve been working so hard on.
  5. Be mindful about when you work your abs—it’s not just about how often, but when in your workout routine you devote time to sculpting your abs. In other words, avoid doing strenuous core exercises the same day you might have a heavy lifting schedule. The last thing you want to do is to exhaust the muscles that keep your back safe.

When will I see my abs?

You will not have visible results for several weeks or even months, depending on your body fat. Therefore, never let yourself down and stay focused on your ultimate goal: strengthen your abdominals and bring them out.

In addition, keep in mind that even if efforts are not felt quickly, your fitness improves and your health can only get better.

I also recommend doing one or two jogs a week to help you lose fat. Also, you can end with a bodybuilding session at home, to enjoy your muscles being warm.

Do not forget that your diet is just as important for fat loss and strengthening of your abdominals.

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