First appearing in 17th-century Italy during the Renaissance, swingers were originally free thinkers who wished to free themselves from all religious or philosophical constraints. Over time, swinger evolved from freedom of thought to sexual liberation and the pleasures of the flesh. Today, it is practiced in swingers clubs, alone or as a couple, on a regular or occasional basis. Discover 10 things you need to know about libertarianism and its sexual and psychological benefits.


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1. The evolution of the swinger movement

Originally, the first swingers were mathematicians, philosophers or revolutionary theorists who wanted to free themselves from any religious, moral or political doctrine. The philosophy of swingers then evolved from freedom of thought to freedom of love and action. A new current of free thought that challenged the institution of marriage, the authority of the church, paternal authority…

Do you like non-conformity, defying the forbidden, flouting convention? Then swingers could be for you!

2. The democratization of Swinging

According to a survey conducted by IFOP in 2014, there were 400 swingers and swingers clubs, over 600,000 occasional couples and 400,000 regular couples. 5% of these couples had already swung, compared with 2.4% in 1992. Today, swinging is widespread.

According to, 4% of the couples in the US are in an open relationship

Even if swinging and swinging are still little-known or taboo, or even considered marginal, the increase in these practices can probably be explained by the multiplication of Internet sites dedicated to them. So it’s easier and more tempting to succumb to them, whatever your age or social background.

3. Avoid routine

Spoon position, lullaby position, windmill position… Kama Sutra and 50 Shades of Grey scenarios hold no secrets for you, and you’re always on the lookout for more originality to raise the temperature under the comforter? Of course, sex toys, erotic books and films are still good sources of inspiration for sparking naughty ideas. But having a swinging spirit also means being creative and knowing how to use your imagination to seek out new experiences.

With swinging and the excitement of new encounters, you can be sure of avoiding routine and monotony in your sex life!

4. Develop the art of seduction

Is seduction your second nature? Swingers love a challenge! They often aim to annihilate all resistance from the conquests they covet. Seduction becomes a game, and for some, the definition of a real strategy to conquer the object of their desire. In the 17th century, the swinging movement was also associated with refinement, the luxury of boudoirs, the elegance of finery and the richness of toilettes.

In novels and plays, the swinging was often portrayed as brilliant, elegant, cunning and manipulative, never hesitating to charm lonely wives. The rise of the swinging movement inspired many artists. Literary works have become emblematic thanks to the promiscuous characters portrayed by their authors, such as Giacomo Casanova, famous heartbreaker and notorious symbol of swinging (inspiring Molière to write Don Juan).

5. Preserving your sexual health

With age, the arrival of children and a fast-paced professional life, maintaining a satisfying sex life can sometimes become complicated. Maintaining your sexual health on a regular basis requires time and the availability to condition yourself properly. As a couple, we’re not always on the same wavelength sexually (we’re not machines, it’s not like we’re on command!).

In the prolonged absence of sexual relations or partners, swinging with other swingers who are always available remains a solution for maintaining a satisfying sex life.

6. To spice up a couple’s relationship

For well-established, long-term couples who are sure of their feelings and have a healthy relationship based on trust, libertarianism and swinging are a way of exploring new pleasures with other couples in a different, complicit way. An excellent way to diversify sexual activity, spice up relationships and reinvigorate desire.

There are many different types of swinging: triolism, melangism, candaulism… It’s up to you to test and choose the one that suits your couple best, with the consent of each partner and mutual respect.

7. Reduce stress and anxiety

For a top libido, it’s important to be both physically and psychologically healthy. During a sexual orgasm, our bodies release pleasure hormones such as dopamine (the reward hormone) and endorphins. These are produced by our bodies when we make a long effort or do something that makes us feel good. Playing sport, eating chocolate or engaging in sexual activity all provide intense sensations that contribute to our well-being. Add to this a balanced diet and regular exercise, and you’re guaranteed to be in great shape, with less stress and anxiety.

8. Fulfilling your fantasies

Every partner has different fantasies. Is your partner unwilling or unable to satisfy them? Swinging may be the solution to satisfy your most secret desires. In a swingers club, it will certainly be easier to find other partners with the same desires as you. Fulfilling your unspoken fantasies is an excellent way to avoid frustration and the deterioration of your relationship as a couple.

9. Helping to resolve sexual problems

Erectile dysfunction, frigidity, reduced sexual vitality, premature ejaculation, illnesses… Sexual breakdowns and disorders stemming from physical or psychological factors can sometimes generate significant gaps in intercourse. Over time, the reduction or even total absence of intercourse in a couple inevitably leads to boredom and wear and tear on the relationship. If these problems persist despite medication, medical treatment or consultation with specialized professionals, considering a different sexual approach can unblock or ease the way to the sexual act.

Having sex with complete strangers could boost arousal and rekindle sexuality.

10. Satisfy your curiosity

Why not try something new? Some say you should try everything at least once. So why not explore another facet of your sexuality and get away from conventional sex play by discovering the world of swinging! Once you’ve taken the first step, you might be pleasantly surprised to meet some imaginative swingers ready to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh without restraint. Once you’ve got going, you might be satisfied with your first experience and want to join the swinging circle for good!

Swinging is becoming increasingly democratic. Once associated only with freedom of thought, then with debauchery and even deviance, it is now firmly established in the sexuality of some people. The desacralization of the couple and the conventional institution of marriage has contributed to its development. A number of swinging practices are spreading on the Internet, attracting more and more enthusiasts each year in search of a more fulfilling sexuality.

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