If you’re in a relationship and that special someone is miles away from you, it can be a challenge. While being close together is a special feeling of togetherness and connection, being apart is the painful part. But you can still bring that closeness no matter what the distance. We will show you how in this guide featuring x unexpected romantic gestures.

No matter how many miles separate you apart or when you’ll both see each other face to face again, these little things can solidify a long-distance relationship. Let’s dive right in and go over some of the ideas you can try out right now.

Save Your Long-Distance Relationship

1. Do virtual dates

We live in the digital age where video calls are becoming the norm. Skype laid the groundwork and has paved the way for Zoom, FaceTime, and other forms of video communication. This also creates the idea of doing a virtual date. Imagine doing dinner and a movie – virtual style!

There’s plenty of awesome options out there that you and your special someone can do over video call. If you both want to do something creative, put your heads together and brainstorm. Make them fun and adventurous. It will make it as if the two of you are right there next to each other.

There’s so much you can do in this day in age virtually. While it may not be as intimate as the two of you going out together in-person, it’s close. At least you’re both still spending time together.

2. Send them a card that they’ll love

Yes, there are eCards for every occasion. Whether it’s an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, birthday, or simply because you miss them – there’s one you can choose. Be sure to send a message that is meaningful and a reflection of your love and devotion to them. While regular cards are still being sent, eCards are great because they are sent instantly.

Meaning you won’t have to wait a long time until your special someone finally gets it. They could be states away or across an ocean. The wait can be quite unbearable. Thankfully, you can send an eCard and the love of your life will get it in an instant.

The Internet has made things so much simpler. So coming up with the best ways to say “I love you” is easier than ever before.

3. Go on a “love quest”

Love quests can include completing tasks or even putting together puzzles. If successful, it can lead to something quite special like a message to each other – or even a surprise gift. These can include virtual scavenger hunts or figuring out cryptic messages. The goal here is to have fun together and work as a team.

After all, you and the love of your life are a team. If you can work out the issues that come with long-distance relationships, you both can work together to conquer this love quest. You can also get creative with your own love quest as well. For example, if you’re planning a vacation for two to Las Vegas, you can put something together where the end goal is surprising her with your way of saying “we’re going to Vegas”.

The love quest can be a Vegas theme, but without spoiling the surprise. Add some subtle themes to the love quest game you’re putting together. Even ask a few Vegas-related questions without it making it look obvious. In the end, the reward will be quite surprising for the both of you.

4. Online journaling

It’s true that communication is an important building block of a relationship. Texts and video calls are fine and all. But some days, it can be a bit boring and tedious. So why not consider the idea of putting together online journals.

It will each give you a chance to share your day’s wins, challenges, thoughts, reflections, and more. At the same time, it will give each of you a chance to be vulnerable with one another. Give yourselves a chance to get to know each other at a deeper level.

It’s one way of answering the question of “how was your day”. There will be times when journaling will be best. And yes, don’t forget the regular video calls when you miss each other’s face.

Final Thoughts

A long-distance relationship will be easier to maintain thanks to these four unexpected romantic gestures. Communication can go a long way. So can these small, sweet little things that can last a lifetime. Eventually, the two of you may be closer to each other permanently. The long-distance is only a temporary thing.

If the distance is far between you two, make the most of your time together while you’re both apart. It will build the anticipation and excitement that comes with physically seeing each other again.

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