Relationships are a great source of joy and serenity, but they can also be a source of confusion, misunderstanding and disappointment. In order to avoid getting emotionally invested with a woman who doesn’t want you, here are 15 signs not to be ignored in a woman’s relationships.

Some signs can show a clear lack of interest in you. In order not to over-invest and get hurt, it is essential to know how to spot them.

signs a woman is not attracted to you

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1. Recurring criticism

If the woman you like is constantly criticizing you, spot this red flag quickly. A woman who criticizes you shows that no matter what you do, your future partner will be eternally dissatisfied. In addition, the relationship could become toxic, as you could lose your self-esteem through constant criticism.

2. She talks down to you

Regardless of the situation or even your social position, a woman who speaks to you with disdain is clearly disrespecting you. This red flag should not be taken as a sign of her unhappiness, it’s just a clear indication of her lack of interest in you.

3. She is hurtful and defensive

A woman who constantly attacks and criticizes you is highly disturbing, especially if she is defensive. While not everyone can have the same sense of humor as you, teasing in the right doses can charm a woman. If she sends you back on the ropes, stay alert.

4. She makes no effort to see you

If you are always at the origin of the contacts or the proposals of appointments, it is possible that this woman does not make you her priority. While there can be setbacks for everyone, a woman who cancels at the last minute is also a sign of her disinterest.

5. She doesn’t listen to you

While you are telling her an anecdote or sharing a piece of information that seems important, this woman seems to be somewhere else and is not listening to you at all. This is not a signal to be taken lightly, as it doesn’t bode well for the rest of your relationship.

6. She avoids eye contact

When a woman is interested in you, she will look deeply, intensely at you. If she avoids eye contact, it may be evidence that she doesn’t want to make any connection, any deep connection with you. It is proven that a person looks you in the eye when they want to connect emotionally with you. If they don’t, the look is meant to be evasive. It can even be a signal of lies.

7. She avoids physical contact

You grab her hand, she pushes you away? Clearly, this person is not interested in you. When someone avoids physical contact, it means that their feelings about you are mixed, even negative. Don’t get involved and simply walk away. If you are in a relationship with this person, it may be a sign of deep unhappiness within the couple.

8. Consider body language

Body language is very important in seduction, more so than the words you might say and hear. Crossed arms show defensiveness, while palms facing the sky are more of a welcoming and caring position towards you. Remembering to look at body language is therefore essential to know a person’s intentions towards you.

9. Signs inherent to their personality

Even if this person is interested in you, there may be some personality traits that do not match what you are looking for. While everyone is different, there are flaws that should be red flags for you.

10. She lacks confidence and self-esteem

A woman who lacks confidence and self-esteem may put herself down or have a negative attitude about herself. She may also be extremely jealous and possessive. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, this woman could become toxic because of her unaddressed wounds.

11. She’s negative and likes drama

If there’s one personality trait you should avoid, it’s the drama queen. This type of personality revels in unhappiness, and tend to make a mountain out of a molehill.

If you’re hoping for a healthy relationship that flows like a long, quiet river, it’s advisable to pass.

12. She talks a lot about her past relationships

Would you like to live with a ghost? When a woman talks too regularly about past relationships or a particular ex, it is likely that the breakup has not been digested. As a result, she may be looking to you for consolation and not seeing you for who you really are. Make sure that the woman you want is clear about her past.

13. She has a tendency to lie

Lying is one of the worst betrayals you can experience in your relationship. Indeed, a person who lies by nature is someone you cannot trust. How could you imagine your partner if you distrusted his or her every move? Moreover, liars are usually people who lack confidence and want to show off.

14. She spends her time on her phone

With social networks, our attention is constantly tested. Yet, imagine a date during which your interlocutor spends his time on his phone. This clearly indicates a lack of respect for you, but moreover, it may be that this person lives only towards a screen of superficiality. Perhaps she is a superficial person herself?

15. She seem bored/annoyed

When you talk, the person in front of you hardly responds or at least does not bounce back to the conversation to make it progress. No matter how much you talk about certain topics, you feel like you’re completely off the mark and that the woman in front of you doesn’t understand a word you’re saying. She may simply be bored with your company. Besides, some signs should not deceive you, such as the fact that she looks at her watch or her phone very regularly.

16. She don’t seem sincere

Even with the best will in the world, it is not possible to please everyone. If you feel that your conversation lacks fluidity, that the person doesn’t necessarily seem interested in you, or even worse, that she only responds to you at specific times of the day, it’s possible that this woman isn’t entirely sincere with you. Perhaps you are just a hobby to them, in which case it is advisable not to get emotionally involved or you will be hurt badly.

In any case, when it comes to relationships, always trust your feelings and your intuition. These are your best beacons to sail on the ocean of love and seduction.

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