Casual sex lets you enjoy the companionship and connection you crave without the need for a serious relationship you might not want or be ready for. It’s a great way to meet new people and embrace different experiences, as well, especially when you’re still young.

But it also goes without saying that some people just have all the right moves when it comes to dominating the casual sex approach to life and making the most of it. Here’s a closer look at a few small, easy-to-master things those people do differently.

Sexiest People Handle Hookups Differently

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1. They’re not afraid to break the rules

You may have noticed that the folks who always seem to be going home with the hottest, sexiest tens in the room aren’t necessarily the best looking or the richest. However, they likely are super confident and unafraid to simply be themselves. They’re more concerned with having a great time and connecting with people than they are fitting in, and it shows.

That said, forget all those social norms and dating rules that dictate who’s allowed to approach whom and under what circumstances. Sexy people who are always hooking up with the hot people they’re most attracted to don’t bother with things like that. Instead, they follow their instincts and go with the flow.

2. They always carry their own protection

Sexy people who seem to have that whole hookup game down may seem like they’re too spontaneous and carefree to worry about something as practical as protection, but nothing could be further from the truth. Safety and preparedness are sexy, and these are people who absolutely know that. There are important things to do to prepare for a hookup, and the sexiest people know this.

They also would never dream of leaving something as important as their sexual health in someone else’s hands, so they make it a point to keep protection on them at all times. After all, it can be hard to predict when your next Penthouse story-level hookup experience might present itself. But if you’re always prepared, you’re also always ready to have a blast at a moment’s notice.

3. They go easy on the alcohol

Alcohol can be a fantastic social lubricant, especially in situations where people might be nervous about approaching folks they’re attracted to. But it’s easier than you think to wind up with too much of a good thing on your hands. That’s why the sexiest, most successful hookup experts make it a point to know (and respect) their limits when it comes to alcohol.

Enjoying a cocktail or two to loosen up and help the conversation flow is fine. But overdoing it to the point where you’re acting up or overplaying your hand is a great way to wind up starring in someone’s “worst hookup ever” story. It can affect your ability to perform in the bedroom, too, and possibly even to remember what happened the next day.

4. They know a clean body is a sexy body

Just as a sexy person who loves hooking up is always prepared to seize golden opportunities with plenty of protection, they also have their little go-to tricks for making sure they’re intimacy-ready no matter what kind of day they’ve been having. And yes, we’re talking about cleanliness, freshness, and hygiene.

Sexy people stay confident by carrying essential items that help them freshen up in a pinch. Think body wipes that can be used to clean up in a flash, gum or breath spray to get yourself kiss-ready instantly, and travel-sized deodorants to take care of any body odor that might sneak up on you during the day.

5. They embrace their bodies

Everyone has body insecurities they struggle with from time to time. If they’re not self-conscious about their weight, then it’s probably their height, their crooked smile, their super curly hair, or their freckles. But sexy people who are absolute champs at hooking up don’t let any of that stop them. Instead, they accept themselves and embrace who they are.

They also look for ways to turn what they might be tempted to see as their shortcomings into strengths instead. They dress in ways that flatter their shape and coloring. They also lean into the things that make them different because they know those are often also the things that make them attractive to others.

At the end of the day, becoming that sexual dynamo everyone wants to go home with isn’t rocket science. It’s mostly about confidence, approachability, and preparedness. It’s also about developing that ability to spot opportunities, make the most of them, and have an absolute blast doing it.

So why not put yourself out there and try it? You just might surprise yourself and discover you’ve got the makings of a sexy hookup master, too.

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