Strengthening your calves requires practice and practice with rigor and precision. Many bodybuilding enthusiasts struggle without conclusive results. Yes, working out your legs is easier than your calves !

Dreaming of swapping their slender calves against those of a cyclist, even the most athletic are discouraged by the fact that the size of their calves remains disproportionate to the rest of their body.

In this article, you will find my ideas for effective exercises that will turn your calves into visibly larger and prominent muscles. After 5 years of work, even if I have very small calves, I do not get discouraged for a second!

strengthen your calves

The calves, the Achilles heel of bodybuilding

Beginners and experienced will tell you all: at the gym, few people focus on exercises to strengthen the calves. As for the others, too obnubilated by the upper body, arms, and abdominals, they forget to build their legs.

The calves are nevertheless a set of fundamental muscles to better maintain the body; therefore, working them can only improve your performance in bodybuilding but also in athletics if you practice the race.

The most important thing is not to solicit the calves regularly but especially to vary the types of exercises. Test your limits by practicing daily walking. After a few weeks, the muscles of your calves, already used to be stimulated, will react much better to the exercises in the room that I suggest you below.

Great sportsmen improve their record by adopting ever more diversified training methods and more, this philosophy is important and you must integrate it into your way of life in order to obtain satisfactory results.

calves workout

Exercises without equipment to strengthen your calves

To strengthen your calves, small jumps or low pogo jumps are perfect exercises for warming up and require no equipment. Knees flexed, you have to jump on the spot, as quickly as possible and with energy.

To optimize the efficiency of this exercise, which can be broken down into big jumps or High pogo jumps if you are heated enough, you have to perform a series of 50 repetitions.

For the second exercise, the ankle extension, an elevated platform on which you perch is nevertheless necessary: a staircase will do the trick. Suspended at a walk on the tips of your feet, only your heels protrude; while contracting the muscles of the calf, it is necessary then to go up then down, the legs stretched. For the most impatient about the results, I advise them to add weights or dumbbells.

This video find on Youtube will help you train your calves from home :

Exercises with equipment to strengthen his calves

The exercise of the skipping rope is classic bodybuilding and will heat your calves. You can choose to do a series of repetitions during which you have to bounce on tiptoe exactly as explained in the practice of small jumps. I also recommend that you time yourself and increase the time spent on this exercise, session after session.

The purchase of equipment such as iron weight pegs or dumbbells is recommended, as it is true that exercises without equipment are only relatively effective.

For lovers of new technologies, I have one last exercise to offer: electro-stimulation. The word impresses, but placing two electrodes on your calves has advantages that are lacking in other exercises: the muscles gain power and the electric current also helps relieve contractures.

You will understand: in addition to aesthetic qualities, the exercises that I have grouped in this article will increase the stability and strength of your entire body.

Before closing this article, I invite you to note that it is essential to allow time for stretches before and after exercises to avoid aches and pains, muscle recovery is an important part of the program to get results.

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