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Get a Leg Up with This Total Leg Workout

Leg day is typically the one most men dread. Both because of the degree of suffering that can be expected the next day, but also because there are so many muscles in the legs. It’s true— leg workouts can get overly complicated, quick. Especially if you’re striving for a routine you can stick with and that will get you proven results.

Rest assured that this leg workout will target all essential muscles. It’s so effective because it includes both compound exercises that build strength and isolation exercises that will add definition.

So breathe easy—for a few more minutes maybe…

Leg Muscle Tutorial and the Movements to Target Each

There are four major muscle groups involved in any quality leg workout.  These groups include:


Leg Extensions

Leg Press


Get bigger calves


Preventing Legs Injury

Aside from including a proper warm up, cool down and dynamic stretching, there are some important considerations to take when targeting leg muscles.  Not only are injuries painful and annoying, but more serious ones can set you back weeks to months from your workout goals.

Prevention is everything.

The injuries specific to leg movements including back strain, ligament injuries to the knee, achilles tendonitis, and torn hamstrings.  For all of the above the same precautions exist—go slow with weight increases and listen to your body.

And probably the most important—always maintain correct form, technique and proper use of equipment. Doing a movement correctly a few times will serve you much more than completing multiple reps and sets incorrectly.

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