There are many exercises that help build up the legs and gain firmness and tone. Only when you're a beginner, it is important to start the exercises gently so as not to traumatize the muscles and to obtain progressive results.

So how do you gently start working out your legs and how to refine them? I will give you some tips based on my own experience to build up your legs.

The basic exercise : To workout your legs, walk !

To begin strengthening your legs, you can start with walking: at a slow, medium or fast pace, it’s a great way to get your muscles working on a regular basis and stimulate blood circulation.

legs workout for mass

The advantage with walking is that you do not need to go to a gym to perform a session: you just have to replace public transportation or driving with walking or riding a bike, choose the stairs over the elevator or on your free time you can even learn about walking exercises that help with digestion.

You will notice results following the first sessions and you will begin feel to better; you will increase your oxygen flow after each session.

My advice: for each walk, try to walk for at least an hour for optimal results

The flexion exercises

During your walking, you can consider flexion exercises. There are many of these exercises that exist: knee flexion, combined flexion, vertical flexion, and finally half-flexion with extension.

To do these exercises properly and especially not to put too much pressure on your muscles (and your joints), you can start with the knee flexion exercise. It can be done in a position lying on your belly with the arms forward. Fold your knees successively while bringing them back towards the buttocks. Repeat this movement for 5 to 10 minutes.

The combined flexions are done lying on your back: bend your knees towards you and then relax your legs by suspending them at a 45 degree angle. Continue this motion for 5 minutes.

Vertical flexions is another of these exercises but only consider doing these if you do not suffer from knee joint pain. To begin, stand with your back straight and your hands behind your head: bend one knee while maintaining a vertical position. Alternate between both knees and repeat this motion for 5 to 10 minutes.

Finally, the extended half-flexion consists of half-flexing while standing and extending one leg at a time. Remain still for 10 seconds then repeat the movement with your other leg.

Leg workouts

For those who prefer a light leg workout using machines or equipment, an alternative can be of course, the treadmill or an exercise bike machine, that build your butt too! And don’t forget to workout your calves, it’s for my very difficult to get results, and I decided to workout this part of my body 4 times a week !

Overall, you have many options at your disposal to begin strengthening your legs: it’s up to you to choose the most appropriate method for your level and your goals!