One morning, in the bathroom, you notice that certain areas of your skull are starting to glow through your hair, if you know what I mean… In short: it’s time to act. I’ll give you an update on the two most popular hair transplant techniques.

The first good news is that everything is changing, including solutions for baldness. If you feel ready to re-densify your toupee, take the time to weigh the pros and cons of each method. Also, find out how much they cost, which can be significant depending on the type of treatment. First choose the technique according to the magnitude of the situation.

Hair transplant guide

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Method 1: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

When baldness is limited to small areas, the FUE technique already allows excellent results without scars!

How does it work?

After a local anesthesia that will sting a little and possibly having taken a pill to reduce your stress, the doctor will proceed to the first step.

With a small hook, the surgeon extracts hair from the most densely populated areas of the skull, usually the lower part of the skull, and grafts it directly where needed by making small incisions. The operation does not cause scarring, so it is often preferred when treating young people.

However, it does require that the entire area be shaved: this is psychologically more delicate, especially if you are a woman.

How long does an FUE surgery last?

Usually performed to fill small areas, such as the lobes and the front of the head, an FUE operation usually takes between 3 and 6 hours. You will need to ask your surgeon for more information.

Furthermore, FUE does not apply to severe baldness. In this case, the sling technique or ARTASE procedure is necessary.

Method 2: ARTASE or the art of hair redensification

If hair loss is more critical, there are of course alternatives to manual reimplantation. Until recently, to redensify important areas, the strip technique was used: the surgeon took a strip of healthy hair from the back of the skull and reimplanted the best parts where they were most welcome.

Although it has proven its worth, the technique has become increasingly rare since the arrival of ARTASE, an ultra-powerful robot whose sole mission is to help you recover a teenage hair.

How does the Artase hair restoration work?

Thanks to an ultra-powerful algorithm, ARTASE is able to select and collect the healthiest hair, then place it back into the problem areas at a speed impossible to achieve by hand.

No scarring, optimized selection, unbeatable speed… ARTASE is becoming THE reference robot in the field of hair redensification.

How long does an Artase operation last?

An ARTASE operation can last from 4 to 9 hours depending on the number of grafts to be implanted. You will need to ask your surgeon to evaluate the donor area and the number of grafts needed to achieve a satisfactory result.

Is it possible to return to work right after a hair transplant?

Yes and no! It is important to know that this procedure is not reimbursed by social security and that it does not allow you to obtain a sick leave.

Depending on the dose of anesthetic that you receive, it may happen in the days following that the product descends on your face and causes swelling quite important, so impossible to be presentable.

If this happens to you, don’t panic! The body eliminates the product and within 2 to 4 days everything will have disappeared. I recommend that you take 2 days off to perform your transplant: The day of the operation and the next day to rest. Afterwards, there is no reason, except for rare complications, not to be able to work.

What maintenance after the hair transplant?

A few days after the graft, crusts will form on the grafts and you must not scratch them, you risk pulling them out and therefore no hair will grow.

It is necessary to wash your hair slowly and carefully with an antiseptic shampoo several days after the transplant to avoid infections.

After 8 to 10 days, the crusts will fall off, you will have to avoid scratching and take your pain as a patient, do you want your hair back or not?

Usually, the surgeon will propose an appointment a few days after the transplant and a second check-up several months later.

How is the regrowth after a hair transplant?

The grafts will, after a few months, fall off to allow the implanted bulbs to make room for new hair to grow and make your baldness disappear.

You will be able to wash, style or dye your new hair just like your old hair, they will never fall out again because, being taken from the sides and back of the head, they are not sensitive to the hormone that causes hair loss.

Before you start…

I advise you first of all to make sure you are well informed before choosing your practitioner. Remember that miracles do not exist, but professionalism does.

Ask for several opinions if necessary and ask for a written estimate because yes, making your baldness disappear will have a price… And if it is possible, think about paying with your Credit Card to earn a lot of Miles or point, because a transplant costs between $2500 and $1000 on average.

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