To embark on the adventure of fading tempts you? You are reckless and you want to dye your hair blonde by yourself ?

If this is possible, it is nevertheless essential to follow certain imperatives such as the choice of a good product or the respect of instructions for use. For a fading discoloration, however, I give you some additional tips to follow.

How to dye your hair blonde

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Basics: Bleach hair in blonde, how does it work?

The discoloration is a chemical substance that allows hair depigmentation thanks to the compound called hydrogen peroxide. Impregnated in the hair, it gives a fading in several stages: red hair, then yellow and finally blonde. Usually performed at the hairdresser, it can also be done at home, thanks to the various kits sold.

Coloring your hair in blonde is possible, but requires special attention to your previous hair color.

Do you have natural hair? Your coloring in blonde is then possible. On the contrary, you have already colored hair? Be careful, the colors may sometimes bleed according to the starting color. The discoloration is an effective practice, but not a miracle!

Be sure to follow the instructions to avoid surprises

The handling of chemicals always involves some risks. It is, therefore, necessary gentlemen to be cautious and take certain precautions in order not to curl the disaster.

It is ok for men to dye their hair blond?

Command number one, I check the condition of my hair! Discoloration is an aggressive procedure for your hair that can cause serious hair damage. To avoid any inconvenience, it is best to perform a discoloration on a healthy hair for optimal results.

Perform a test on a lock of hair

Then, before all attempts to put on your scalp, perform an allergy test 48 hours before if you don’t want a bad surprise. Don’t forget that, as a guy, you are lucky do not face hair loss !

For this, in a small container (to avoid wasting your mixture that will not keep), mix the bleaching powder and the oxidant and place a small amount behind the ear.

You will feel faint tingling, this is normal. If the sensation is unsustainable during the pose (allow 30 minutes), rinse immediately. If the pain persists, take care of your irritation and do not try to put it on your hair.

Once this test is validated, arm yourself for optimized protection and security. I advise you to wear all the necessary equipment, namely: glove, towel on the shoulders, water point nearby in case of dangerous contact.

Well equipped, you can perform another test on one of your wicks to see if the final result is the one so expected. Personally, I would not want to have a color completely the opposite of the desired one.

D-day to bleach in blond

On D-Day, also think of having your hair dry and unwashed, since sebum is an essential protective barrier for your scalp.

Finally, it’s time, you start! With your brush, carefully spread the product on your hair. In order for each bit to be impregnated, make fine separations for a homogeneous application.

Warning gentlemen! Avoid the irritating front of the product so be careful during your application and do not hesitate to apply cream near your scalp once your hair rinsed.

To avoid disastrous results, it is imperative to respect the exposure time indicated according to the desired shade and not to exceed 45 minutes. When in doubt, remember to regularly check the condition of your hair during the exposure time.

Maintain and treat discolored hair in blonde

Coloring your hair in blonde is known to leave hair dry and sometimes damaged. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, discoloration requires special care and maintenance.

Set up a little routine! Yes, gentlemen, small care routines are not just for women. Dry hair, sensitive scalp or blonde turning yellow … do not panic! I reveal some tips to take care of your blonde hair.

For a bright blonde, adopt the gesture of the shampoo already called blue shampoo. Apply when washing your hair this neutralizing shampoo with yellowing reflections and continue with care. Repeat on your next shampoos if necessary. You can also use a volume shampoo if you have flat hairs.

For a newfound sweetness, think natural and opt for coconut oil. Put the oil on your hair all night for hydration and intense repair.

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