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Hair loss, or alopecia, is very common for men. According to statistics, sooner or later, 80% of men face a similar problem, and 6 out of 10 representatives of the stronger sex begin to notice that their hair is thinning by the age of 25-35.

Trichologists notice that in recent years, even 18-25-year-old men suffer from hair loss, even those who don’t seem to be genetically predisposed to this.

It is possible to stop hair loss, but it is not enough to use a special shampoo to fix the problem. You need to know the causes of hair loss, and to take all the necessary measures to keep the hair, in time.

men hair loss

Signs of hair loss

We lose hair all the time; this is a natural process. The longevity of a hair is about 3-5 years, after which it falls, giving way to a new one. Over a lifetime, a person grows 25-30 hair shafts from a hair follicle.

50-100 hairs fallen out per day are considered the norm, but if there’s much more, we can talk about pathological hair loss that requires treatment. Serious signs of hair loss, even before visual thinning, are hair remaining on the pillow or on the shirt collar.

Causes of hair loss in men

Why does hair fall out? There is no single answer to this question. But in any case, baldness is not a variant of the norm but a disease that needs to be treated.

In addition, for some, thinning hair becomes a serious challenge for self-esteem, especially at a young age. So what could be the cause of hair loss in men?


Any infectious disease, especially that accompanied by high fever, can lead to hair loss. But sometimes this leads to chronic infections which occur almost unnoticed.


It has long been observed that during stressful situations, hair loss increases. Stress provokes spasms and negatively affects blood circulation, including in small vessels of the scalp. This leads to the fact that the hair does not receive sufficient nutrition, stops growing, and dies.

Hormonal disorders and genetics

Androgenetic alopecia affects 95% of the entire male population. This type of baldness is caused by the work of hormones and genetic predisposition. Localization, as a rule, falls on the frontal and parietal regions.

Firstly, the hair becomes thinner, then it becomes short, more resembling a down, and after a while, it disappears completely.

Trichologists distinguish several stages of androgenic alopecia: during the first two, the hair thins around the temples and forehead, forming a bald spot. From the third to the sixth stage, the zone of hair loss increases, including the parietal zone. And at the last, seventh stage, the zones of hair loss merge into one.


Semi-finished products for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are a direct path to a lack of vitamins and a general weakening of the body. Vitamin E, C, and B deficiencies, as well as iron deficiency, are a very common cause of hair loss.

How does hair loss in men affect a relationship?

According to a survey conducted on one of the dating sites (which is one of the most popular among users), most women prefer men with thick hair. A man’s beautiful hair is a sign of sexuality.

Of course, there were also ladies who claimed that a man who starts to go bald does not lose his temper in their eyes; however, you still pay attention to this when you meet. According to statistics, balding men feel less confident, so they are often afraid to start a relationship and avoid dating.

By the way, a great solution, in this case, can be dating sites. If you find it difficult to become acquainted with a girl in real life, use dating sites where it is easy to find a lot of single women online.

Men’s Hair Loss Remedies

Professional shampoos and masks, as well as products from the cosmetic department of a supermarket, contain active ingredients that improve blood microcirculation, stimulate hair growth and strengthen follicles.

They can maintain the condition of hair if the loss is caused by the temporary impact of negative factors, like a spring lack of vitamins or stress. But before applying such tools, carefully read the instruction.

If the composition of shampoos and masks includes Minoxidil, be prepared that after you stop using these products, your hair loss may dramatically increase.

If you want to apply more serious hair loss remedies, consult with experts. You can be offered both a therapeutic treatment in the clinic and drugs that can be used at home by yourself.

Last, never dye your hair, this could increase hair loss.

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