The blackheads are unsightly and are not pretty. They appear by a lack of proper care and can be removed easily with very simple steps. To help you get a soft and even skin, here are some of my tips to get rid of blackheads!

Skincare Tips for Men

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Know what a blackhead is!

Before dealing with a blackhead, it is useful to look into its nature to be able to provide effective solutions. Blackheads are open comedones that form primarily on the fatter areas of the face (the T zone: nose, forehead, and chin). These are pores in the skin that are clogged with soap leftovers or excess sebum or dead cells.

Rest assured: they are not due to a lack of hygiene, quite the contrary! They appear on all types of skin, especially on oily skin and mixed skin.

Remove blackheads with bicarbonate, it is a possible natural solution to overcome blackheads include baking soda. With simple preparation, you can make your own product at home :

  • For this, just squeeze a whole lime into a small bowl and then add a tablespoon of baking soda. Stir until you have a firm dough.
  • Then apply on dry skin and clean and leave for at least 20 minutes. Then rinse with clean water (and cold to tighten the pores). Your skin will be radiant and rid of all its impurities.

Treat your blackheads with cleansers and scrubs for the face

To prevent black spots from reappearing over time, it is necessary to adopt good habits such as the application of a mild cleanser and a special facial scrub.

Men often make the mistake of washing their face with a shower gel for the body, which is not suitable for facial skin (more oily than other areas).

Result: it produces an excess of sebum, which favors the appearance of black spots.

How often should you clean blackheads?

The face must be cleaned daily with a cleanser adapted to its type of skin (dry skin, oily skin, combination skin). If you do not know your type of skin, you can take advice from a dermatologist or a salesman in perfumery.

The cleaner can be applied under the shower or before shaving. The scrub should, however, be used once a week: if you use it too frequently, the skin will thicken, which will not be aesthetic.

If you notice that black spots appear between each scrub, you can remove them with a dedicated clip (you will find easily in pharmacy or drugstore).

The patch and the black mask: a solution to get rid of blackheads

We hear more and more about the patch and black mask. These are products that you can have in your bathroom to even out your complexion on an occasional basis.

If you have to go out and want to show off your face, if you have to go to an important appointment, etc. Just like the scrub, they should not be used every day, because they contain products with active ingredients that are not to be applied daily under penalty of disrupting the production of sebum.

Gentlemen, with all these tips, you no longer have excuses not to remove your black spots: it’s up to you to adopt the right actions, the right products and above all to take good attitudes to have a radiant skin every day.

These solutions are accessible to all budgets: you just have to find the time to do a little beauty and get rid of blackheads!

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