Today, 25% of men start going bald after 30 years old, here everything you need to know about male hair loss.

male hair loss

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‘Losing hair, don’t care!“, is not really the attitude that you would hope for when it comes to hair loss. A situation when you realize that you are going bald by the day can be very devastating and can affect your relationship.

Guys can shave the armpits because they don’t like hair here, but for their head it’s another problem. Let’s learn more about this men’s problem !

Hair loss solutions and things to know

In men, baldness is a common phenomenon once they cross the 30 years milestone. If you are facing symptoms which clearly signal towards baldness, here is all you need to know about male hair loss.

  1. Losing hair everyday doesn’t mean you are going bald for sure. Male pattern baldness is different from hair loss. Alopecia is a hereditary condition which leads to losing patches of hair. If you have regular hair loss in a specific part of your head, then it could be result of male pattern baldness.
  2. Even though male pattern baldness is a genetic condition, but if you notice your hair falling off in an irregular pattern or bigger clumps, frustration and stress can be major reasons behind it.
  3. Before opting for home remedies, consult an expert. However, for better blood circulation to the scalp, you can exercise by standing upside down on your head.
  4. You can in some cases grow back your hair without surgical treatment with hair growth products.
  5. General side effects of such treatment products would be skin and scalp irritation and rashes, which are easily curable.
  6. Accepting the fact that you are going bald and making peace with it would reduce stress levels and prevent the trigger of worst case scenarios.
  7. Hair treatment lotions and shampoos can lead to erection issues and nipple tenderness, so use only prescribed products by experts.
  8. Keep your hair as clean as possible because dust and dirt could lead to poor hair quality and hair loss.
  9. For damage prevention or reduction, avoid scratching the scalp with your fingernails or sharp objects.
  10. Protein intake can help in reducing the hair loss rate, so eat meat and other protein sources for visible results.

Learn from the tips above and embrace all that you are, with or without hair !