No more trips to the hairdresser or barber! Would you rather cut your beautiful hair or beard yourself at home? If possible with the same clippers you use to shave your body in your bathroom? Then choose a multi-functional trimmer: an all-in-one tool for trimming hair, beard and body hair with amazing precision.

What are the criteria to consider when buying a device for a professional result? In this article, find out how to choose the right hair and body trimmer with our 6 essential tips.

How to choose a hair and body clipper

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1. A trimmer with a multi-shoe kit

The secret to a versatile trimmer, suitable for all types of hair, on all areas of your body? A complete accessory kit! If you want to trim your hair, beard and body hair at the same time, choose a model with multiple combs. Hair, moustache or chest hair: there’s a comb for every area! Interchangeable or adjustable, these elements allow you to adjust the cutting and shaving height. Whether you want to shave a zero ball, a full beard, a 3-day beard or a completely shaved area, the sizes can range from 0.5 to 40 mm. All you have to do is define your style and let your desires take over.

Choosing the right shoe is essential to maintaining your appearance with precision: contouring, thinning, close shaving, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

For a perfect finish on the body, choose a comb that is adapted to sensitive areas without the risk of injuring yourself. For the face, you can also reach hard-to-reach areas safely: goodbye to unsightly nose and ear hair.

2. A device with good autonomy

In the bathroom or in your toiletry bag when you’re on the go, a good trimmer is a charged trimmer. Able to shave whenever you want! There’s nothing worse than wanting to freshen up your cut or trim those pesky hairs, only to find that your machine is out of charge. And having to wait several hours before you can use it. For your peace of mind, opt for an electric clipper with a long battery life. Several models remain efficient without having been recharged for several days. Be careful, however, because depending on the model, the charging time may be longer or shorter.

For the less adventurous, corded lawnmowers (on a mains supply with a cord) will always be ready to use (as long as you have an electrical outlet nearby). For a comfortable use, check the length of the power cord (and be sure to be able to reach the back of your head without too many acrobatics for example).

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3. A powerful motor

This is one of the features that will influence the purchase price of your equipment: a good motor. The one that will easily drive the blade, and will guarantee you a uniform cut. For a successful haircut in no time, choose a clipper with a powerful motor. The more powerful it is, the more efficiently and quickly your model will trim. And above all, it will last longer than a beard trimmer with limited power. Indeed, some “first price” trimmers have a weak and poor quality motor, which quickly fades over time.

A lawnmower engine must run at least 700 rpm for satisfactory results. Below this speed, you run the risk of pulling. But also to a less efficient cut: you will have to make several passes for a clean shave.

Many versatile models have an adjustable motor: the power automatically adjusts to the thickness of the hair. You don’t have to worry about a thing!

4. A model with quality blades

The right tip for a clean, precise cut with a beautiful finish? A clipper with quality blades! For an express haircut at home, choose a model with efficient blades. This is essential to protect your skin from irritation caused by repeated use of a bad blade. Good clipper blades ensure a perfect cut. And contrary to popular belief, they reduce the risk of cuts.

For hair, a sharp blade is a real asset! It allows for a clean and fast cut in a single pass. And above all, without pain or snags.

Most blades on the market are made of stainless steel. Well maintained, they are efficient and durable over time. The so-called “high-end” models offer ceramic blades. For the toughest beards or thick hair, carbon titanium blades are used: the clean effect is guaranteed by reducing the number of passes despite the resistance of your hair.

5. An easy-to-clean electric lawnmower

To increase the life of your clippers (and also for hygiene), it is important to clean them well. To simplify this unpleasant step as much as possible, choose a model that is easy to maintain: with detachable blades and a removable head that can be easily cleaned by running them under water. Some models are sold with cleaning brushes: ideal for removing the last residues of hair accumulated between uses.

Proper maintenance of your trimmer by removing the remains of hairs and cut hair is essential to preserve the longevity of the motor: this precaution will limit premature wear or loss of power.

A high-performance appliance also means well-maintained blades: to make them last over time, remember to oil them with a suitable lubricant every two or three uses. Although this phase is often overlooked, it is the key to a clean, precise and efficient cut.

6. An ergonomic model for a good grip

To choose the right hair and body clipper, it is important to consider its design as well as its ergonomics. Your device must be easy to handle to ensure optimal results with a regular cut. Indeed, a firm grip will guarantee you a precise and regular cut. Does the body of your trimmer fit your hand perfectly? If it’s too big, you may not have the dexterity you need. Nothing is worse than having a shorter cut on one side than the other and having to trim again and again.

Choose a model that’s practical, easy to use, and comfortable for effortless operation! With a well-designed electric trimmer with a tilting head, trimming is effortless! You’ll be able to cut your hair easily and quickly. Good ergonomics will save you a lot of time! No more multiple touch-ups to adjust your cut because you can’t hold your clippers at the back of your head.

Bottom line

What you need to remember when choosing your hair and body clippers? Choose a versatile model with several attachments. Its motor must be efficient and its blades of quality. Don’t forget to check its autonomy as well as its handling for a comfortable and efficient use. And above all, it should be easy to maintain, which will ensure that you can use it over the long term. You are now ready to find your ideal hair and body trimmer.

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