To have a totally smooth skin and therefore without the slightest hair in the way, there is no secret: you have to go through the depilation phase. You can choose from basic shaving, depilatory cream, wax, laser or even Magic Hair Eraser . The latter has recently become a great viral success with both women and men.

But what are its advantages? How is it used? Who is it for? Let’s take a look at this very popular hair removal technique.

Depilatory gum for men review

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What is Magic Hair Eraser ?

Nowadays, being hairy is no longer a trend. We are all looking for an efficient method to forget those unsightly hairs. You already know the basic methods like the quick shaving, the practical depilatory creams or the very painful but effective waxing on the long term that you can do at home, quietly when you have time. Today, there is also the Magic Hair Eraser which, even if the process is old, is a huge success.

The Magic Hair Eraser is now a method that has an incredible success thanks to TikTok and other social networks. Its promise? A baby skin without the slightest hair and pain. And many hypothetical users do not stop praising the product.

The Magic Hair Eraser in detail

Then it is what? This Magic Hair Eraser is presented in the form of a more or less large pebble (it still fits in the hand) and remains very economical. The Magic Hair Eraser costs between 10 and 25 euros and can be used several times during 3 years on average. You can find it almost everywhere: hypermarkets, drugstores, internet…

The principle is quite simple on paper: it is dermabrasion (the hair is worn down by rubbing). The Magic Hair Eraser is passed over the area to be depilated using gentle circular movements. The hairs will then clump on the rubber and come off without hurting us. We rub and the skin is free of hair! For this, the process uses nanocrystalline technology. This gum is indeed composed of an abrasive film (usually a stone like, for example, rock crystal).

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Easy to use?

The use is not in itself very complicated. The only requirement is to use the eraser on wet skin (shower or bath). It is then imperative to pass the Magic Hair Eraser by circular motions to hang the hairs. Well, we must admit that it takes a little more time than a simple shaving and finding the right “speed” to pass it on the skin can be a little long. But the result is there, the skin does not feel any pain during the use. And the hair is gone!

The hair is in no way pulled out. It is cut on the surface of the skin. A bit like shaving, but without the risk of cutting.

The regrowth after the passage of the Magic Hair Eraser is however rather fast. The tip of the nose of your new hair will appear after 3 to 5 days in general. It is therefore recommended to use a post-depilatory cream to slow down the regrowth. Note: your hair will grow back less thick and darker than with shaving.

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Is it effective for men?

So is it really an effective method? The main advantage of the Magic Hair Eraser is that it will act on both the hair and the skin. It is ideal for exfoliating the skin and removing dead cells. It can be used on all the hairs (all the lengths) and on all the skins or almost (we will return there). It can be used even in case of blood circulation problems (heavy legs, edemas, impatience…).

And it is a good thing for men? The shape of the Magic Hair Eraser adapts very well to the hand of the men. So it is already a good point. To make sure you choose the right eraser for you, choose a model specifically for men (you can of course steal your girlfriend’s eraser, but it is often less wide and can slip when you use it).

Moreover, it is a perfect item for all those who like to wax very often on different parts of their body. Which ones? Legs and torso are the most suitable areas for this technique. If your partner is nice, you can also ask him to pass the Magic Hair Eraser on the back (even if you are really flexible, you will not be able to pass it everywhere). If you don’t have sensitive skin, you can also use it on your arms and buttocks.

The Magic Hair Eraser removes fuzz and prevents ingrown hairs. Plus, you can easily take it with you to stay clean on your weekend away from home.

How to use the Magic Hair Eraser ?

Now, rubbing the Magic Hair Eraser on your skin doesn’t sound too complicated. But for an optimal use, it is not done anyhow.

We explain in detail how to do it. You will need the Magic Hair Eraser of course, but also your two hands and water.

One of your hands will hold and pass the Magic Hair Eraser . The other will stretch the wet skin of the area you are working on. You turn your eraser over the skin. It’s best to alternate the direction of rotation during the session. One turn to the right, one turn to the left! You will need to repeat the operation and rotate for several minutes on the area to see your hair leave you. You will rotate until your skin is free of hair. Be careful, you should not press too hard. But you should not fly over the skin either. The hardest part will be to find the right amount of pressure to remove the hair without ruining your epidermis and hurting yourself.

Are you clean? Very well, you will have to finish your session by applying moisturizer.

Things to remember

Remember to clean your eraser after use by running it under clean water.

Wondering if some erasers are better than others? In fact, even the cheapest models can be useful. It is still important to check that the surface of the eraser is made of mineral powder (rock crystal first, as mentioned above). It is also important to see if the eraser fits your palm. If you have trouble holding an object for long minutes, then you may want to consider an eraser with a handle.

Preparing your skin can also save you time and protect your skin. As with shaving, you will need to prepare your skin as well as possible. To do this, use a gentle scrub (shower gel). Because even though the scrub can remove dead cells, it will be more effective if its work is limited to the hair.

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That’s good, and yet…

It seems as if the Magic Hair Eraser could present an absolutely idyllic conclusion. Only here’s the thing, there are several little things that TikTokers don’t mention. After getting out of the shower, the skin reacts. So yes, on the product leaflet, it is well specified that the skin can present irritations after the first uses. By using it several times, the skin is supposed to get used to it and these blisters normally do not appear anymore. But in the meantime, the skin suffers. Small burns and numerous blisters are to be expected and you will need to provide nourishing cream (such as Biafine) to soothe your skin after the first few uses.

Skin problems?

If you have sensitive skin, it would be better to turn to another method, because yes, you don’t have hair anymore, but you don’t have skin either! We’re exaggerating a lot, but your skin will be damaged anyway. Also, the Magic Hair Eraser cannot be used everywhere. No need to try it on hyper-sensitive areas (forget your intimate areas, therefore, but also the armpits). Don’t use the Magic Hair Eraser on your face either if you don’t want to see your face ruined by pimples.

To give you an idea of the result on a fragile skin: imagine that you pass a pumice stone on your epidermis! Do you see?

Another disadvantage: the time spent. It has already been quickly mentioned, but it is a small problem that will certainly annoy the most impatient. Those who have already used depilatory cream will see the difference. Five minutes with the cream and half an hour with the Magic Hair Eraser to remove hair from your chest!

And you won’t be able to show off your beautiful, muscular (if you’re lucky!), hair-free chest right away. Your skin will remain red for at least an hour after the session.

As you can see, Magic Hair Eraser can be a good solution to remove all those stubborn hairs. But even if it is effective and allows you to have a soft skin without ingrown hairs, it is also essential to know that it cannot be used on all parts of the body (unless you like to be in a lot of pain!). It is also essential to know that sensitive skins will have all interest to avoid this process to avoid an important irritation. It will be better to choose a softer solution to present a smooth skin.

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