Having a hairless torso is now a trend and many men are looking for solutions to have a smooth torso without the slightest stray hair. While looking for different methods to forget those ugly little hairs, you have seen the laser and would like to know more about this method that is becoming more and more popular. I’m going to tell you more, because I’ve done some research for you.

Chest laser hair removal

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What you need to know before you do it?

Like all hair removal methods, this one consists of removing the hair. But here, we use a laser that will destroy the hair at its root. The laser will then go through the melanin, one of the components of the hair, and reach the hair bulb responsible for hair growth. The germinative cells that allow hair growth will then be destroyed by the heat.

For a long time, laser hair removal was reserved for light skin, which allows the beam to pass more easily. But nowadays, there are specific machines that can also treat all types of skin. Before deciding to use this method, it is important to note that very light hair (blond or red) cannot be removed by the laser. They do not contain melanin.

You are undoubtedly wondering about the results that can be expected from this hair removal method. Before you are completely satisfied, you will have to undergo 7 to 9 sessions (a session lasts about 25 minutes). Don’t forget that between two sessions, an average interval of two months must be expected.

Also noteworthy : The hair bulbs are created until hormonal maturity. For us men, this takes place around the age of 40. If you proceed with laser hair removal before this time, hair can reappear regularly. This is why one or two additional sessions may be necessary for regular maintenance.

There are several stages in the laser hair removal process. I must point out here that for optimal laser hair removal, it is important to consult a specialized doctor.

The first consultation

The first step, the first consultation, is essential to find out more if you have any questions. But it is also during this consultation that the number of sessions necessary for your project will be determined. The doctor will also make a diagnosis via a profile of your hair and skin. Without this, he will not be able to determine the power of the laser that will be adapted to you, the power of the device or the duration of the treatment. He will also take advantage of this consultation to learn more about your history and see the possible contraindications. He will be able to study your hormone levels, the sensitivity of your hormonal receptors, the color of your skin and your hair, the contrast between these two elements, the diameter of your hair…

You will be given a medical questionnaire to fill out carefully

During this first consultation, the doctor will also warn you about the precautions to take before the first laser session. You should not expose yourself to the sun (your skin should be as clear as possible). You should also remember to shave 48 hours before the session. The hair must be short for more efficiency. If you are tattooed, this will pose a small problem. The colored areas will be the main target of the laser. This can lead to burns. This is the reason why hairs located in tattooed areas will not be treated. The same goes for piercings. You will have to remove your jewelry before the session.

The laser session

Once everything is taken into account, you can have your first session. The machine will be adjusted according to the protocols decided by the doctor. The area to be treated will then be delimited by lines placed by the doctor or his assistant. These will facilitate the scanning of the laser.

This scanning can be painful for some people. If you are sensitive, you can ask for an anesthetic. This involves applying an anesthetic cream (prescribed by prescription). This cream must be applied two hours before the session to the area to be waxed (shaved beforehand).

After the session

Right after the session, you may notice some redness on the treated area. This will disappear after a few hours or a few days depending on the nature of your skin. It is also possible that irritation or edema may appear. Again, these disappear quickly. To relieve the area, you can apply a soothing cream (such as Biafine). If these signs appear, it simply means that the session was effective! No need to worry. On the other hand, if pain appears, you should consult a doctor to obtain an appropriate prescription.

You may also experience an allergy after the session. Here again, consulting a doctor is an excellent idea.

After the session, it is also essential not to use self-tanning products on your chest. And this for at least 15 days. Similarly, no sun exposure for at least 2 weeks. Afterwards, do not forget to use a sun protection cream with a minimum index of 50 if you have to expose yourself.

Another recommendation is to avoid swimming during the two days following the session. Also, no scrubbing (or exfoliation) for two weeks. You should pamper your skin.

After three sessions, a check-up will be done to see how it is and to correct the power of the laser if necessary.

To know more

Even if it is effective, this method does not always work. In 10% of cases, no results are visible. This is very often the case for people with “non-receptive melanin”. This melanin does not react to the laser. It cannot be used as a link to reach the hair bulb.

It may also be useful to know the price of the laser hair removal session. For a male torso, you should expect to pay between $50 and $190 depending on the type of machine used and your location in th

As I said before, a laser hair removal session should only be performed by a professional or a doctor. This is crucial for quality results and optimal protection of your skin.

If you want to achieve a hair-free chest, laser hair removal is a good idea. By following the instructions, you will be able to obtain smooth skin with very limited hair regrowth.

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