Have you ever had the sneaking suspicion that your efficiency is not up to par?  Like, if you could just get your act together, you could accomplish all those things left undone?

You’re certainly not the only guy out there to think this.  But if you’re feeling stuck, the single best thing you can do for yourself is create a routine.  And the best place for a routine to land is at the beginning and the end of the day—a technique dubbed “bookending” by Darren Hardy, editor of Success Magazine and author of The Compound Effect.

 Often we mistakenly assume that Big Problems require Big Solutions, when in fact, the opposite is true. Smaller changes made to your schedule and routines are much more likely to stick, becoming habits that don’t require conscious efforts to pursue. We all have a finite amount of decision-making energy available to expend, after all.

The beginning and end of the day are the times when we have the most control over our actions. Anything can crop up during the day, so non-negotiable tasks like laundry, dishes, exercise and even bill-paying need to be incorporated into some kind of system in order to get done with the least amount of stress.

Therefore, putting certain tasks on auto-pilot in the morning and evening will free up your mental energy for more exciting pursuits during the day.

Morning and Evening Routine viper viiperi

How to Create Your Morning and Evening Routines

Ok, now that you’re convinced this strategy could work for you, here’s where to start.

Get it out on paper

First, take a few moments and jot down your some bigger life goals.  Maybe you want to run a marathon? Start a side gig? Learn a new language? Whatever it is that floats your boat, write it down.

The power of a schedule

Any big goal is going to require a series of smaller steps to achieve it.  Most men know this, but get stuck because their plan to get there is inadequate. The simple act of planning creates an outline to follow. And within the outline are actionable items you can follow in the—you guessed it—morning and evening.

In addition to your bigger goals, write down some places you need to shape up. Are household chores getting the best of you?

Make a plan of what gets done when—be as specific as possible and include days and times you’ll accomplish laundry, cleaning, taking a daily portion or proteins to gain muscles, etc. Gaining control over these tasks will close a few mental browser windows allowing you more time for the big stuff.


Let’s say running a race in a few months is your thing. You’ve taken the time to outline a plan, broken down how many miles you need to be confidently running and by when. The next step is to make these actions non-negotiable. Maybe that looks like making yourself accountable to your partner or a running group.

Keep these intentions top of mind by reviewing your plan every week to make sure you stay on task. Will power alone is not going to get you out of bed at 5 am to run.

It may seem simple, but those three steps will set you on your way! If you need inspiration for routines that others have followed, check out this blog which is full of routines from all types. But, don’t dawdle there too long—your goals are out there, waiting to be accomplished!

Why a Man Needs a Morning and Evening Routine ? River Viiperi will tell us why !

I started following River on Instagram few years ago, and he was always very nice to me, especially when I asked him to use his pictures in some of my articles so I though I can ask him his morning and evening routine !

Morning and Evening Routine

At what time do you wake up river ?

This would depend on what I have to do the next day but I usually like to wake up around 9 A.M.

What do you do first ?

Being completely honest, probably go for a morning leak.

What’s your Men’s Skincare Routine each morning ?

Nice and simple. Drink a glass of water (if it has some lemon, better). Wash your face, then I use a face spray from Caudalie and after that I put on some cream (I use Kiehl’s). Boom!

What’s your favorite men’s grooming brand ?

I don’t really have a favorite brand. I like switching things up every here and then.

What do you eat for breakfast ?

Coffee, a croissant with ham and cheese and sometimes maybe some OJ.

Do you workout every day ?

I try to, but let’s be honest. We all need our off days too.

For lunch, do you cook or go to a restaurant ?

I’m becoming an addict of “Glovo” the Spanish version of “Uber Eats” but I’m going to start grocery shopping and cooking ASAP.

everyday meal for men

Comment se passe la journée de travail d’un top-models ? (Question in French, Joke)

? Je ne parle pas français.

Do you have a men’s skincare evening routine ?

Yup! Same one as in the morning.

At what time do you sleep ?

I try to go to be by 00:00 but I do love to stay up late.

If you had only one tip for boys who want to become a model, what would it be?

Hard to say. After 10 years in the industry I’ve seen it change so much I’d probably just tell them to make sure they know what they’re getting into.

For the last question, why did you accept to ansWer to my questions ?

Why not? I recently got a tattoo that says “TRY” you did and I appreciate people who do.


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