Whether you’re a top athlete or an amateur, workouts put your body through the wringer. Sweat is inevitable. It’s sometimes irresistible to want to go shirtless and enjoy that one-on-one time with yourself. Either because you’re hot, or because your shirt is completely wet. But what are the pros and cons of training shirtless? And what are the alternatives to taking your shirt off during a public workout? I give you my point of view!

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What are the pros and cons of training shirtless?

There are pros and cons to training shirtless. It all depends on where you’re training. If you’re alone at home, there are no particular constraints on what you can wear. On the other hand, if you like to go to a gym for your workouts, then there are certain rules of etiquette to follow.

The benefits of working out shirtless

Working out shirtless is all about mindset. During your workout, you can admire the evolution of your body in a mirror. It also allows you to visualize the muscle groups you are working. But also, a shirtless workout gives you all the pleasure of shaping your body. As you gain confidence in your image, you become more in tune with your body shape and gain confidence.

Also, if you’re working out with friends, always in a private setting, being shirtless increases testosterone. In the spirit of male competition, your subconscious increases your physical strength to achieve unexpected results! Testosterone is the hormone of masculinity par excellence. It acts mainly on the increase of physical performances, but also on the increase of the muscular mass.

If you’re looking for a nice place to work out shirtless, you can also opt for nature! In fact, there are many open-air areas that are specially designed or suitable for exercising: parks, on the beach, in the forest or in the mountains.

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The disadvantages of training shirtless

Not everyone likes to work out shirtless. And this is understandable, especially when you work out indoors. On the one hand, it’s out of modesty, but also, and quite simply, out of respect.

At the gym, internal regulations are posted in order to control the behavior of customers. They make access to the gym pleasant for everyone. Among these rules, the wearing of an undershirt or T-shirt is one of the obligations to be respected. As well as putting away the equipment after use or cleaning the equipment after your visit.

In addition, training in a gym, i.e. indoors, increases the phenomenon of perspiration. So, if you don’t have a T-shirt, your sweat will get on all the equipment! This can cause discomfort to other users. And even if you scrupulously respect the rules of hygiene by cleaning your equipment after use, some people are more reluctant to work on dirty equipment. This is understandable.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to avoid working out shirtless inside a fitness or weight room.

What are the alternatives to working out shirtless?

Among the solutions that prevent you from working out in a gym shirtless, there is the ultra-slim tank top or crop top. Made from materials specifically designed for intensive sports activities, some garments are made from highly technical fabrics that are still comfortable.

The ultra slim tank top that perfectly molds all your muscle groups allows you to admire them in the mirror while working them. This is a great way to avoid working out shirtless and still be able to see the progress of your exercises.

You can also opt for a crop top. This is a T-shirt that ends just below the pectoral muscles. This allows you to see your abs. And if you choose a tight crop top, you can also see the progression of your pecs, as well as your biceps. Complete your outfit with a pair of tight leggings to monitor the effectiveness of your lower extremity exercises.

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