Today “Hair” and “Virility” are not really synonymous anymore and today we can really ask ourselves the question: should we shave our chest hair or not? This is the kind of question that pushed me to start my blog…

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There are those who dream of having hair and are beardless, those who are too hairy and dream of having less, some men even shave their backs because of excess hair.

In short, we always want what we don’t have, but we can ask ourselves the question about our male hair, especially on the chest.

How to shave chest hair when you are a man

Photo : Alexandre Tete

Why shave your chest hair?

I think that’s the first question you should ask yourself before going ahead and getting rid of all the hair on your chest!

Until now, it’s true that hair removal was traditionally attributed to women. But you’ve noticed, as I have, that in recent years, this practice has become more popular with men. Little by little, I’ve seen many beauty salons offering hair removal for men.

The context is more and more favorable, and this may be one of the reasons why men are seriously considering hair removal. And when I say “seriously”, I mean paying particular attention to the method, the regrowth, and even the care.

In concrete terms, there are different options for removing hair from the torso as a man, and from the crude method with a razor to the more sophisticated one with a laser epilator, there is a choice. But whatever the case, it’s not a harmless act for the skin, and you need to be informed before you start.

It should be noted that each hair removal procedure – regardless of the method chosen – will have an impact on the skin, hence the need to remain vigilant and attentive to any unusual reaction. This is even truer for the torso area, which remains one of the most delicate, as I’ve seen and as I’ll tell you a few lines below.

The most important thing when you ask yourself why you should shave your chest is to know yourself and to adapt yourself according to your personality, your lifestyle and of course according to the result you are looking for. Clearly, if you are a sportsman or a model, you can opt for permanent laser hair removal.

If you’re a slacker or the kind of person who puts everything off, waxing will allow you to procrastinate for a while. And if you’re indecisive, a little old-fashioned and a bit of a control freak, you’ll want to manage your hair on a daily basis; that’s when the use of a razor or a trimmer will be more appropriate.

Since you can choose between clippers, razors, wax, depilatory cream, laser or pulsed light, the best thing to do is to observe yourself and decide which solution will be the most suitable. Also, be aware of the length of the hair, moles and other dermatological concerns: the method and the result will not be the same if you don’t get informed (not to mention the health risks).

Shaving chest hair to solve a skin problem

A long time ago, I started shaving my chest hair, sometimes shaving it off, because I was sweating a lot and it was giving me pimples.

It wasn’t hair that was trying to grow back (ingrown hairs) but my body hair that was giving me pimples on my chest, and this was confirmed by my dermatologist.

Shaving my chest hair definitely allowed me to stop having pimples on this area because it was becoming embarrassing and sometimes left me with scars.

So if you have skin problems, or intense sweating, the solution may be to consider shaving your chest hair, or use an appropriate treatment to treat your skin after shaving.

Shave off the dots on your chest to look good in photos

Do you see any hairy sports coaches these days? Not really! And you can imagine that they are not all hairless.

On a photo today you can show your muscular definition, and for that nothing must hinder the vision that the wants to give. If you do sports and want to show off in the summer, you can consider doing it only during the vacations.

Shave the peas of the chest to please his (her) partner

This is also a very good reason! Personally I am not a fan of hair, I even find it useless… so this question can be asked to 2, the objective is not only personal, it can also be related to your couple. Talk about it!

Does shaving chest hair cause excessive regrowth?

In my case, no! But that’s not the answer I’m going to give you, because obviously we all have different hair growth patterns and hair regrowth is different for everyone.

If you’re not sure what you’re going to do, I recommend shaving a very small area to observe the regrowth, which should take about one to two weeks.

If you notice that the hair is much thicker, then shaving may not be recommended. Simply consider trimming your hair with a suitable trimmer.

Techniques for shaving chest hair

Step by step, I’ll give you my tips for shaving chest hair without the risk of cuts or pimples afterwards.

shave chest hair men

First of all, depending on the density of your hair, I recommend that you trim your hair to leave only a small part that will have to be shaved afterwards.

  1. To begin with, you’ll need to clean your skin. Use a gentle cleansing gel for the skin, do not use a scrub because the passage of the razor afterwards could irritate your skin or cause cuts.
  2. Once your skin is clean, you will need to apply a shaving foam or gel. I recommend using the same one as for your beard.
  3. After applying your shaving gel or foam, use a razor with two to five blades to get rid of your hair and especially because they are more effective in fewer strokes.
  4. Start the first pass of the razor in the direction of hair growth. Once you’ve completed this first step, start shaving in the opposite direction of your hair growth to remove the last few stubborn hairs.
  5. Once finished, rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of foam or shaving gel as well as any remaining hair on your chest.
  6. To finish shaving your chest, don’t use an alcoholic lotion but rather a soft aftershave to moisturize your skin. Avoid your nipples, as this may give you a burning sensation.

Does permanent laser hair removal work or not?

I had 4 sessions of laser hair removal on my chest, not to eliminate my hair permanently but to reduce its density.

It worked because after the fourth session and a few weeks later, my hair density had decreased. However, 5 years later, the hair started to grow again, less than before, but it is growing back.

It should be noted that this type of intervention requires a touch-up every three to five years on the area that had been treated, depending on its skin type, hair density… Talk to your dermatologist before making a decision.

How much does a permanent laser hair removal of the chest cost?

There is no fixed price because each aesthetic practice will offer you its own rate and especially its own package of sessions.

In my case, I paid $40 for a session and had to do five sessions on my torso, which cost me 250 €.

If you decide to have laser hair removal, I recommend that you do a test on an area to see if you can tolerate the intensity of the laser and, above all, to be able to observe if you have results.

The goal is to evaluate the maximum number of sessions you will need. Each person is different because for some people 5 sessions may be enough, but for others it may take 10 sessions to get a satisfactory result.

So now that you have a clean and tidy chest, if you find yourself less virile, go to the gym to build up your pectoral muscles!

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