Men are more and more careful about how they look, that’s why shaving has become popular among men and more and more of them are looking to shave their legs.

Some shave their back, others shave their armpits and even their chest. Different ways exist, from the most painful to the most precise and the most permanent, there is something for everyone.

How to shave your legs when you are a man

Why shave your legs guys ?

Cyclists are no longer the only ones to shave their legs, today more and more men resort to shaving, not only for aesthetics, but also for the softness and comfort it provides. It allows to feel lighter especially during the summer period.

Shaving with clippers

There are different types of clippers depending on whether you want a close shave or if you are particularly sensitive to the skin. Indeed, if this is the case, I recommend those that can be used in the shower and allow a smooth shave.

On the pictures of this article, my friend Nicolas shaves his legs once a month with a beard trimmer, and you can see the result. Personally, I use the Philips OneBlade trimmer to shave my body hair.

before and after shaving legs man

Shaving with a traditional razor

The razor allows a close shave and can be used in the shower. This is what I sometimes do myself. Efficient and fast, it is not the one I prefer, because if the shave is clean, it can happen that you cut yourself when you are distracted.

Use shaving cream or foam, and always start by shaving your hair in the direction of growth. The following passages can be done in the opposite direction.

Use an alum stone to stop the blood from micro-cuts. Also, remember to use a clean razor blade and change it regularly. Personally, I avoid disposable razors, which are of lesser quality in terms of cutting.

If you have sensitive skin, the disadvantage of shaving is to get irritation or redness, it is important to moisturize your skin by using an after-shave with aloe vera for example. The regular use of a moisturizer will keep your legs soft.

Shaving your legs with wax

You need a few tricks to be able to shave with wax, because it can pull if the gesture is not done in one go. If the shave is clean, it requires more time and patience. You can use a strip of cold wax ready to use, which will be easier than hot wax to apply.

On the other hand, for the back of your legs, I suggest you get a friend to help you or go to an esthetician because it will be difficult to remove the wax strips quickly, and thus remove your hair.

With depilatory cream

For me, depilatory cream has the advantage of not being painful compared to waxing. Compared to a razor, the shaving lasts longer and will leave you with beautiful skin.

Remember to read the user manual and not to exceed the application time to avoid irritating or burning your skin.

How to treat ingrown hairs on the legs?

Once a hair has grown out of its follicle, it cannot penetrate the dermis. If you have this problem, it may be that your skin is too thick or that you have a plugged orifice.

As it continues to grow, it becomes entangled under the skin and can cause swelling and infection. While there is no specific place to get them, shaving areas are more prone to risk as are areas where tight clothing rubs on your skin and can thicken it.

If you have an ingrown hair that seems to be inflamed (you will notice it when a small red and painful ball appears under the skin) I advise you to first disinfect it with an antiseptic.

The goal being to soften the skin so that the hair comes out, it is important to moisturize it and to apply an exfoliating cream. I advise you not to wait, because it can quickly become infected if you have touched it without washing your hands. Do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist if you need medical advice.

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Skin reaction and pimples after shaving, what to do?

After shaving, have you noticed pimples or unsightly redness on your skin? These are skin reactions, often inflammatory, due to the use of the razor or the choice of your shaving products. This phenomenon is also called “razor burn”.

Indeed, depending on your skin, the epidermis can react by causing burning sensations or by letting unsightly spots appear. However, the ideal is to have a perfect skin to be clean after each shaving.

In the vast majority of cases, the choice of razor is at fault. And more precisely, the blades that may be obsolete. In this case, I advise you to change your razor blade at least every 15 days in order to guarantee optimal comfort of use. Because using a blade in poor condition, the hair follicles get twisted, which causes that tingling sensation. Also, make sure that your razor is always completely cleaned with a brush. If it’s clogged with hair, shaving cream or soap, it may not perform as well and cause micro-irritation.

Moreover, the choice of your shaving foam and your after-shave lotion is also very important! If you notice a systematic skin reaction after using these products, it is quite possible that you are allergic to them. In this case, I advise you to change products and see if the pimples and redness are still present.

Finally, to avoid the appearance of skin reactions and pimples after your treatment, I advise you to keep your skin perfectly clean. To do this, clean your face well after shaving and dry it with a single-use towel and by lightly patting your skin.

After shaving, apply an aloe vera-based notion or emollient as an after-shave to relieve irritation and prevent pimples

The last piece of advice I would like to give you is to systematically store your razor in a special protection. This way, the blades will be perfectly safe from any friction with other beauty utensils or other materials that may be inserted. But above all, it allows you to preserve your razor blade from possible bacterial and microbial proliferation, responsible for the appearance of spots.

Permanent leg hair removal for a man

Some men can’t stand having too much hair and opt for permanent leg hair removal. By saving time on regular hair removal, they also avoid irritation.

To shave the legs permanently, several methods exist such as pulsed light or laser, which consist in destroying the melanin of the hair. Personally, I find that permanent shaving has many more advantages than regular shaving.

Too much hair can become very embarrassing, especially on the back. This is why more and more men are using hair removal technology

It is practical and gives a clear skin and avoids the inconvenience of excessive perspiration. However, over the long term and if you have fragile skin, it can irritate it and cause ingrown hairs, which can be very painful. To avoid these inconveniences, it may be worthwhile to try permanent hair removal.

If the temptation is there, but you are afraid of regretting it, you simply have to stop the sessions, of which there are 5 or 6, and which must be spaced out at intervals of one and a half to two months for each area of the body. You can therefore go ahead with your eyes closed, without the risk of regretting it.

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Do men really have the right to shave their legs?

It’s during a stay in Spain in 2000 that I noticed that many relatively young men had shaved legs.

I’m not an expert in hair but I noticed that a lot of guys without any hair on their legs and even on the whole body, except that some of them had some regrowth and that’s what attracted my attention!

I don’t know if it’s cultural in Spain or just a good idea, but it’s true that when I asked friends in France or in the United States whether they were men or women, they didn’t all agree that a man should shave his legs regularly like a woman. Another cliché that society will face?

can men shave their legs

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