When it comes to shaving, there are many options, hand or electric shavers or even clippers. If you’re wondering which choice is best for you, I’ll give you some important information on what will work best for you and make your daily shaving easier.

First and foremost, find your ideal shaving method

Choosing between an electric razor or a trimmer is not something you can improvise. It is very important to consider some criteria for an optimal choice. It is not a matter of chance.

To take care of your look, shaving has become a very important point. Whether you are completely hairless, have a three-day beard or a real beard (which must obviously be trimmed or shaved for a perfect result), it is impossible for the vast majority of men to skip this daily step. The first criteria not to be neglected is simply your skin.

You should therefore take a look at your skin type before buying your shaving equipment. I’ll tell you more.

Do you have very sensitive, easily irritated skin? You’ll want to forget about the razor. It “cuts” more closely and will therefore “damage” your skin more. Your skin is not afraid of anything? It doesn’t redden, it doesn’t have pimples and it doesn’t react to cosmetic products? It doesn’t itch regularly? The razor will suit you just fine.

Razor or clippers

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Your wallet has something to say about it too!

You’ve found the perfect electric razor at a very low price, but if you’re honest, your skin won’t like it at all. Don’t do anything foolish! You may not have paid much for it, but you won’t be able to use it unless you want to martyr your skin. So it will quickly become an unnecessary expense. A good quality razor (or trimmer) is essential to protect yourself.

You think that the electric razor is nevertheless the cheapest? Don’t worry, there are entry-level ones in every category.

Your look also has a say

Indeed, depending on the style of beard you want, your choice will be different. If you don’t want any hair on your face, you’ll need to think about a razor. Do you dream of a beautiful beard or tend to forget to shave several days in a row? The trimmer is for you.

You have a wandering soul and like to change your look very often? If you’re picky, you should know that these models may not be as good as their “single-purpose” counterparts. Instead, you’ll need to invest in quality models so that they can shave, trim or contour your beard in the best possible conditions.

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Depending on the area to be shaved (or mowed)

Depending on the area where you are going to use your equipment, there may be recommendations. For example, if you want to use your cutting equipment on more than just your face, you’ll want to think about clippers, such as for shaving chest hair, reducing underarm hair or getting rid of leg hair.

Let’s look at the devices in detail now.

The clippers: the PROS

As we have already mentioned, clippers are ideal for sensitive skin. The blades of this equipment are indeed designed so that there is no direct contact with the skin. You use cutting guides, a kind of protection between the blades and your skin.

Another advantage of the trimmer is that it will allow you to trim your beard (but also your moustache, goatee…) uniformly. The contours will be very clean and your look will be very neat.

Another advantage of the clippers is their ease of use. The cutting with these devices is precise. So you can create the beard you want.

When in use, the clippers are easy to clean (at least for the waterproof models). Another advantage is that the clippers are versatile. You can trim your nose or ear hair with the same device.

Clippers can be used for short or long beards. Can you use a trimmer to get a close shave? Yes, in fact. However, you’ll need to think about cutting guides and adapted blades.

On the practical side, trimmers generally offer more autonomy than their shaver counterparts. Charging times are also shorter. A clipper is robust and, if well chosen, it will follow you for a long time.

CONS of the clippers

The trimmer has no real disadvantages, except that for a close shave, it has left its place to its competitor.

The PROS of the electric shaver

The razor gives you a very close shave. It is therefore the model to adopt if you want a clean face without a hair sticking out. This essential equipment for a close shave can be used on wet or dry skin. And this with or without shaving foam (slightly sensitive skin will be better off using shaving foam).

The electric shaver is also very easy to use. You don’t have to spend time finding the right shaving guide. Just plug it in and go! However, for ease of use, you’ll need to think about an ergonomic, non-slip handle, especially if you’re shaving wet skin.

Razor or clippers

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The CONS of the electric shaver

Even if at first sight it is the ideal tool for the man who wants a perfect shave, I still have to point out some small defects. This razor can cause some skin irritation, even if it is not sensitive. Dry skin may not appreciate this razor. You’ll need to use a foam or gel for a smoother shave.

Other users say that this type of shaver has an imperfect shave. To be really precise, this only happens at the beginning of the use. The better you get at it, the less this flaw will be present. It is therefore in your best interest to practice a little before you get the best results.

It is also important to say that you should take care of your battery so that you don’t “run out” in the middle of your activity.

The manual shaver

Because this equipment should not be forgotten either when we talk about shaving. First of all, it is not the easiest equipment to use. You have to know how to shave with this instrument at the risk of cutting yourself. With a trimmer or an electric shaver, you have much less risk of getting hurt. With an electric shaver, you simply press the power button and run the tool over your face.

A manual shaver will require more time and dexterity. It is indeed an art to shave manually. If you don’t know how, forget it. Your skin will thank you. The electric shaver is indeed designed not to cut the skin. Moreover, the electric shaver will adapt more easily to the irregularities of your skin. Shaving will be easier and less “cruel” for the skin.

Manual shaving can also be more time consuming. You have to be gentle, pass the equipment over your skin several times and remember to clean it after each shave. The maintenance of the electric shaver (as well as the trimmer) is much easier. No hair stuck in the mechanism. Many electric shavers are also equipped with a self-cleaning system. So you won’t have to waste long minutes cleaning your equipment. And if you haven’t chosen a model that cleans itself, it’s still easier to do so with an electric model.

With all these criticisms, you might think that manual shaving only offers disadvantages. But that’s not the case.

Razor or clippers

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The PROS of the manual shaver

This “system” offers a much closer shave to the skin. The cut will be clean. There will be no ingrown hairs. The manual razor also offers a cut of rare precision. It can be a friend of all those who want a perfect shave. It will also be ideal for all bearded men who want a very high end contour (and want to look great). It’s the perfect razor for those who want unparalleled precision.

So there you have it, you know more about what to choose for your beard. A close shave will be optimized by the razor (ideally manual or electric). For a more artistic beard trim, a trimmer is recommended.

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