“Hair removal is for girls!”, “A real man has hair!”, “Hair is manly!” These are the kinds of things you might hear when you mention male hair removal. Fortunately, this medieval mindset has given way over the years to freer thinking and “everyone does as they please”.

After all, if women have the right not to wax their bikini line, why shouldn’t men also have the freedom to wax their chest (or anything else for that matter)?

Besides the social framework of the subject, is it a good idea for a man to wax his chest? What are the pros? The cons? Is there a health risk? I tell you all about it in this article!

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A hairy chest, sign of virility?

As I mentioned in the introduction, clichés have been around for ages. The hairier a man is, the more virile and solid he is! Of course, everyone has the right to have his own opinion, his own preferences, but this is not the subject. I am nevertheless pleased that we can now have our own tastes, without stigmatizing the choices of others, because yes, that’s what it’s all about! So goodbye clichés, hello modern world!

The American magazine Men’s Health published in 2018 a study conducted with a female audience, regarding their preferences in terms of male hair. The concept: each woman was individually presented with several series of 2 photos with men as subjects.

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At the end, each woman had to determine her “preference”. The result: the “half-tone” hair was a thunderous success! I can already see the questioning look on your face: “What is half-tone hair? Well, what I call that is simply the little tuft of hair below your belly button, as well as the little border of hair that runs along your chest, gentlemen. I hear the ladies find it sexy! Second in the order of preference, the totally hairless torso! Then come light, medium and lastly, “strong” hair! To your conclusions!

Chest hair removal: the pros

Whether in your private or professional life, hair removal from the torso may be necessary, or even mandatory. For example, when you practice a physical activity as an amateur, heavy hair growth can lead to increased sweating and a more pronounced, even modified body odor over time.

The aesthetic aspect must also be addressed, because, even when you want to be free of your choices, some professions impose, in fact, to have a naturally hairless or impeccably depilated chest. I am referring in particular to the professions of modeling, artistic professions such as dancing, or even the practice of sports at a professional level such as weight training, swimming or even athletics, to name but a few.

Finally, on a more physiological level, hair removal can bring you a definite advantage in terms of well-being. As I mentioned earlier, sweating can be a concern when you have a lot of hair, or simply when you are a person who usually tends to sweat a lot. The fact of waxing your torso will have the consequence of regulating your perspiration a little, since the body will inevitably be more “ventilated” and it can also free you from certain unpleasant odors, linked to this problem of extreme perspiration.

Of course, I’m not telling you that hair removal is THE solution to the problem, but it can considerably improve your daily life! In short, hygiene, professional imperatives, seduction, there are a thousand and one reasons to let yourself be tempted by hair removal from the torso.

Chest hair removal: the cons

The main repercussions of hair removal? Dermatological and psychological. Each change can cause suffering for a person who has difficulty identifying with his or her new “self,” especially if you have always had a lot of hair, and even more so if you tend to associate hairiness with virility.

You may feel that you have lost an asset, something that characterizes you. I will tell you one thing, don’t panic, it is not irreversible! First of all, you should know that it is quite normal to need some time to adapt. Moreover, if time really does not work and your discomfort persists, there are two solutions: let your hair grow back and don’t depilate it anymore, or discuss the subject with a health professional, in order to identify a possible blockage linked to your physical complexes.

From a purely technical point of view, hair removal is simply not suitable for everyone. Indeed, like any practice aimed at removing hair, there can be an allergic reaction to a cosmetic product, skin irritation, redness, itching. I know I’m not selling you a dream, but it’s imperative to know all the aspects of the experience before jumping in. Don’t worry, these potential side effects usually only last a few days and are easily soothed by themselves or with the help of moisturizing creams for example.

Whatever you decide, I strongly recommend that you go to a professional aesthetician who will be able to put you at ease and guarantee your well-being and safety. He or she will also be able to advise you on whether or not to wax or even to use a laser for permanent hair removal!

The objective is obviously to make this experience as pleasant as possible for you. So don’t hesitate to ask questions, to let yourself be carried away and to relax as much as possible to put your body in good condition.

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