Yes, there is some benefits of shaving your pubic hairs guys, on my post I will tell you everything to know !

I’ve spent years going back and forth between shaving my pubic hair and letting it grow out. In the past, there was some stigma about guys that shaved their pubic hairs as it was generally considered something that only ladies should do.

However, a lot of men are now grabbing a razor and shaving off some or all of their pubic hairs. I recently found out that there are some reasons why shaving your pubic hair is good for guys. I’m going to share with you five of the reasons why men should shave their pubic hairs.

reasons to shave your pubic hairs

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It Can Increase Sensitivity

While most of us know that going bare down there can increase sensitivity for women, a lot of guys don’t realize that it can increase their sensitivity as well. If you’re like me, you have a decent amount of hair around your testicles.

Unfortunately, this hair can act as a barrier between you and your partner’s body. By removing it, I have found that I feel a lot more sensations during sex and even oral play. If you’ve never shaved your pubic hair by your testicles, I encourage you to do so. You will probably feel a whole lot of new sensations that you have never felt in the past just.

It Will Decrease Sweat

Like most men, I sweat a lot. My private parts are no exception. Some guys actually have to change their underwear throughout the day just because of the amount of sweat that accumulates down there. Your genitals are naturally hot, and you will find that having hair on them doesn’t help.

To make matters worse, your genitals are also covered with shorts or pants most of the day, and this traps in heat and can actually make this area hotter. If you sweat a lot, you may find that shaving your pubic hair can keep you from sweating so much below the belt.

It Can Help You Attract Others

Guys, I’m here to tell you that pheromones are a real thing. Our bodies emit them, and they inadvertently help us to attract others. When pubic hairs get in the way, it can keep these pheromones from doing their job.

Pheromones act as a cologne of sorts. Unfortunately, pubic hair just gets in the way of these pheromones doing what they have been designed to do. If you are striking out in the love department lately, you may want to try shaving your pubes to see if that helps.

It Just Looks Better

If I don’t like the way my genitals look, then chances are that my partner won’t as well. No one wants to look at their genitals just to see a bunch of curly pubes that are out of control. If you aren’t happy with the way your genitals look, it may be time to shave your pubic hair.

Not only will everything look better groomed, but it can actually make your package look a lot bigger. While you don’t necessarily have to shave everything off, your pubic hair shouldn’t look like an overgrown bush either.

It Will Be Easier For Your Partner To Perform Oral Sex On You

Most guys love to have oral sex. Unfortunately, not all partners are willing to perform it on them as much as they’d like. However, this may be an easy problem to fix.

It’s not uncommon for both guys and girls to not like giving oral sex because their partner doesn’t groom themselves. They don’t want to get pubic hairs in their mouth when they are trying to pleasure the other person. Pubic hair can also trap odors.

Many men think they are thoroughly cleaning themselves in the shower, but there’s still a faint odor left behind that their partner can detect when they are performing oral sex on them. If you want to receive oral sex more, get rid of that pubic hair. It will make things easier on your partner in the long run, and they may offer you a little special treatment more often if things are neat and tidy down there.

If you’ve been putting off shaving your pubic hairs, it might be time to pick up that razor to give yourself a thorough grooming. Shaving your pubic hairs can be beneficial for guys in a wide variety of different ways.

If you’ve never shaved your pubic hair before, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting a little bit so that you can determine what you like and don’t like. You might just find that you like shaving so much that you never let your pubic hair fully grow back ever again.

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