You shave or trim your beard every 4 to 5 days or even every morning? And you have as every time it is not a part of pleasure, the fear of cuts and bleeding ? Here are my tips for a perfect shave!

Before anything else and if you have time, take a hot towel and put it on your face. A hot towel on the skin of the face allows to open the pores, to soften your skin as well as the hairs to be shaved or mowed.

How to shave your beard for a perfect shave

Prepare your skin before shaving

Never shave at night! The next day it will have already started to grow back and therefore no interest if your goal was to have a clean skin. Then, follow my advice:

  1. Prepare your skin with a cleansing solution, such as a scrubbing gel to exfoliate the skin of all impurities. This will prevent an infection due to a micro-cut, for example.)
  2. Dry your skin so that it is ready to receive the shaving gel and allow optimal adhesion of your razor.

Use the right razor for a perfect shave

Use shaving gel instead of foam because it adheres better to the skin. If your objective is a total shave to obtain a baby skin of course.

Shave the entire beard

Use a multi-blade razor. This avoids having to make several strokes per area and you will save time and avoid irritating your skin.

There are now razors with up to 5 blades, so don’t hesitate to test until you find the type of razor that best suits your face, we are all different!

Of course, a multi-blade razor can cost more than a simple razor, but the care you will have to give to your skin if you use a low-end razor will cost you much more.

In addition, the first shave should always be in the direction of the hair and never the other way around! You risk cutting yourself or irritating your skin. For the other strokes, you can shave perpendicular to the direction of your hair growth or backwards. This will avoid the famous razor burn!

If your skin is prone to ingrown hairs, be sure to disinfect the pimples that this will give you, because it can quickly become infected and mark the skin of your face. A perfect shave also requires treatment and prevention!

Trimming your beard

If you’re more of a beard man, you’ll need to maintain your beard, gentlemen! Don’t use shaving gel but a multi-level trimmer.

This will allow you to trim your beard, whether it’s short or not, and not look neglected. offers a great selection of razors at low prices.

Then, think about having a barber razor for the finishing touches, more precisely at the level of the cheeks, neck and lip contest. Here the little hairs often give us a hard time! If you can’t manage it, you can wax or thread them, it will grow back less quickly!

Soothe your skin

Sensitive skin can suffer from shaving and let irritation and redness take over. Use a fresh after shave for a good boost in the morning, but only if you shave your entire beard.

  • If you have oily skin, opt for an alcohol-free after shave lotion.
  • If you have dry skin, I recommend a moisturizing aftershave balm to avoid unpleasant sensations during the day.
  • If you have sensitive skin, use a moisturizing cream with a neutral pH.

You shave your chest?

The same advice applies, you must prepare your skin beforehand to avoid stinging, bleeding or having pimples during the regrowth.

After shaving your chest, apply an alcohol-free lotion to soothe the skin as you would on your face.

Not convinced of razors with blades? Use an electric razor! It’s fast, less disturbing, but your skin won’t be as clean and clear as with a traditional razor.

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