Leather perfumes for men

Leather is not only used to create clothes or accessories. It is also a material that is loved in perfumery, even if to simulate its essence, different synthetic molecules are used (such as Isobutyl quinoline). Leather is the star of many perfumes for women and men. If you have succumbed to this scent, let’s see which perfumes will seduce you.

The leather fragrance

It is a frank odor that we recognize easily so much it is atypical. The leathery scents had a great success until the 1980s. We could feel this fragrance in Cuir de Russie by Guerlain, Tabac blond by Caron or Knize Ten by Knize.

These animalic notes then disappear in favor of more marine scents, but some perfumers resist. Leathery notes can be found in Bel Ami by Hermès associated with patchouli to create a sensual scent or Cuir Mauresque by Serge Lutens.

In perfumery, leather can be found in animal, smoky, soft, rich, Middle Eastern or gourmand leather notes.

This fragrance can be associated with all olfactory families and thus leaves a great freedom of action to perfumers. It is particularly married to amber or woody scents, but can also surprise by associating with aromatic notes as with Jules by Christian Dior.

Leather has made a comeback in recent years and many designers are using it to imagine new masculine scents.

Men’s leathery perfumes through history

The first testimony of leathery perfume for men is the creation of Creed Royal English Leather which seduces men who love virile scents since 1781! In 1959, the mythical Tabac Original was released. Then 15 years later Aramis by Esthée Lauder. In the early 1980s, several designers integrate leathery notes in their perfumes: One Man Show by Bogart, Antaeus by Chanel, Kouros by Saint Laurent or Macassar by Rochas.

Leather is back at the gallop at the beginning of the 21st century with Cuiron by Helmut Lang, Cuir Ambre by Prada, Cuir améthyste by Armani privé, Fumerie Turque by Serge Lutens or Japon noir by Tom Ford.

Many perfumes to discover for their leathery notes

These are only a few examples of perfumes with leather fragrances, this material being the star of perfumers wishing to seduce men. So I’m going to quote you now some of the many perfumes containing leather, the most famous and appreciated.

Let’s start with a Cartier creation: Déclaration Parfum. Leather and wood blend sensually for a terribly masculine and seductive juice. This oriental overdosed in leather has an incredible animal power that highlights generous men.

Dior Homme is as its name indicates a Dior creation. This perfume is based on the main association: leather and sandalwood, for a strong and terribly masculine scent. It is an elegant perfume, totally outside the diktats of the simple and unique fashion.

Let’s stay at Dior to discover Farhenheit. The leather finds its place between floral and woody notes and blazes. It is highlighted by styrax. The whole destabilizes. Both electrifying and spiritual, powerful and discreet, this fragrance is suitable for all men who have a strong character.

Guerlain also has its leathery scent for men obviously with l’Homme Idéal. This scent is dedicated to a myth that, we must admit, does not exist! Even if we all imagine being beautiful, strong and terribly intelligent. Almond, leather and spices galvanize to create a noble and refined fragrance. This scent is ideal for men with a sense of humor who, if not perfect, wear the perfect perfume!

Another leather-based creation, Mâle Essence by Jean-Paul Gauthier has been seducing since 1995. Here again, leather is overdosed with the surprising lavender and cardamom. The leather here is soft (it is similar to suede) and offers a great softness. This scent is reminiscent of barber’s soaps of yesteryear and remains, in my opinion, an example of a unique leathery scent that either pleases or displeases, but leaves no one unmoved.

If you like contrasts, Valentino’s Uomo is a perfect leatheré for you. At once totally retro and contemporary, this fragrance brings seductive black leather to the forefront. The scent’s trail combines animalic (leather), citrus (tangerine) and surprising vanilla notes with unprecedented skill for a scent you won’t forget. Uomo is a bright and flashy scent that suits men who like to be noticed.

Another well-known leather scent, Nuit by Issey Miyake shows the dark and virile side of the man who wears it. Leather exacerbates the sensations. It is mysterious. We like this surprising initiatory journey that combines black pepper, grapefruit and vetiver. This perfume is surprisingly incisive, dynamic and suave.

You want to seduce with a fragrance that bewitches and pleases? The Scent by Hugo Boss is for you! The designer abandons the powerful businessmen for the seductive males with this terribly present leathery. The leather is here spicy and aphrodisiac. It sublimates the man who wears it.

Without doubt less known than his colleagues, Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d’Empire is a racy, surprising and bewitching perfume that suits men who like to get off the beaten track. Both racy and powerful, this perfume surprises with its notes of tolu, benzoin and incense.

Finally I will add to this list my personal favorite: Ombré Leather by Tom Ford. What marks with this perfume is its indomitable and grandiose side. Its leather and spicy heart surprises. This floral leather is a mixed fragrance that is totally off the beaten track. We appreciate its indomitable trail that we do not feel everywhere.

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