Biltong is a type de dry meet related to beef jerky and in general salted and / or spiced. This type of meat can be kept for several months.

Biltong and Protein

Biltong is a nutritious and tasty way of getting your daily intake of protein. Protein is vital for muscle growth, and is composed of around 20 amino acids needed for our bodies to grow and function properly but generally speaking there is only 9 amino acids (lysine, histidine, isoleucine, valine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, phenylalanine) which are classified as essential but in a nutshell these acids aren’t naturally produced by our bodies so the only way we can consume them is through our diet.

They all play different parts in our body but they’re key for things like an effective immune system, nutrient intake, energy production and what we are here to talk about and that is muscle development.

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Biltong VS Protein Powders

Many people who aim to build muscle think protein supplement powders are the best and only way but what most folk don’t know is that these products are processed and in no way natural, it’s often packed with artificial flavours and sweeteners that with long term use they wouldn’t be very good for you.

Biltong protein is the better option for its many beneficial factors. Due to the process of making such powders most of the nutrients are left behind leaving you with a lot of sugar whereas Biltong is low in fat and sugar. It’ll provide you with everything you need in a protein infused snack plus optimal energy levels.

Getting The Best Results From Protein

For anyone who wants to become stronger or build muscle, they have to ensure they consume more protein than the body breaks down during workouts and resistance training. We know that our bodies are desperate for protein after working up a sweat.

Some fitness experts advise the best time to get your protein after workouts is within 45 minutes to an hour, but some say up to 2 hours is fine but if you can take it as soon as possible afterwards this is likely to achieve the best results

Knowing that protein consumption plays a big part for building muscle growth is great so bringing a pack of Biltong to the gym or your preferred workout station is a great way to do this but it is just one part of the process, having a exercise routine in action, a bulking diet (high calorie consumption) and being aware of the end result your aiming to achieve and maintain.

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Protein can be found in a few different sources but absorption rates are a lot higher in those that come from animals, biltong being one of those meats that packs a punch when it comes to protein making it the perfect snack for helping you build muscle mass no matter if you’re a beginner or pro.

What’s good to know also is that more protein does not mean more muscle without departure dieting and a fitness regime.


Biltong is the perfect post workout snack regardless if you’re lifting weights in the gyms, jogging or running around a field playing football. We know that our bodies are desperate for protein after working up a sweat.

Knowing that Biltong doesn’t require any preparation, certain storage, clean up or any of the messy time consuming bits that come with cooking or making up supplement drinks. Biltong is quick and easy and really one of the best ways for you to get that extra bit of protein essential for muscle gain.

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