In the 70s, men’s fashion was particularly influenced by the musical trends that ran through the decade. The hippie style inherited from the 60s colored clothing looks with acidulous, flowery accents. Then came the rock period, in a leather and satin spirit, a fashion more marked by the affirmation of a singularity. Then came disco, with bell-bottoms and oversized shirt collars.

Accessories, shoes and hairstyles also played an important role in perfecting 70s fashion. How to dress for the 70s? In this article, I offer you the ultimate guide to looking chic, casual and totally stylish!

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Hippie chic men’s fashion in the 70s

In the early ’70s, the hippie chic silhouette was characterized by a pronounced waist, close-fitting shirts and impeccably tailored pants. But what also made this fashion statement was the choice of colors.

So, to ensure that your retro ’70s outfit is completely in keeping with an elegant look, I recommend colors that are both faithful to the hippie spirit and in tune with the times. Go for a blue suit with a floral scarf, for example. Or a total look of creamy white with a brightly colored shirt in red, orange or pink.

Don’t forget that, in this hippie fashion, the most important thing is the cut of the clothes: straight-cut pants, coupled with a shirt with an extra-wide collar or ruffle and a fitted ¾-length velvet jacket, for example.

The 70s rocker’s style of dress

In the mid-70s, rock music regained popularity and had a considerable influence on fashion, already firmly established by the even greater desire to stand out from the crowd. With the arrival of major stars such as David Bowie and Queen, the trend was androgynous.

Outfits were designed to follow the lines of the body: the bust, waist and buttocks were emphasized. To adopt this style, the outfit I suggest is timeless. Choose black leather pants that are even closer to the body. Complete the look with a short jacket featuring a shawl collar. Shirts and T-shirts are replaced by more sophisticated satin bodies.

Disco and its influence on 70s fashion

When the music of the ’70s took on new waves of carefree disco, fashion inspiration added a must-have piece to the men’s look of the time: the vest in a 3-piece suit.

This trend was resolutely elegant and comfortable, and left an unforgettable mark on shirt collars in XXL sizes, wide ties and the well-known elephant-leg pants. This is extravagance with a subtle touch of care! If you want to dress in this style without falling into caricature, I recommend choosing a strong piece to integrate into a contemporary outfit. For example, pair a shirt with a very wide, pointed collar with classic bootcut jeans and a nice pair of tennis shoes. Or adopt the vest of a 3-piece suit over your usual office attire, without the jacket, for added lightness.

Which shoes to choose for a 70s look?

In the ’70s, men perched magnificently on shoes with heels or platforms. Granted, it’s hard to pull off a pair of platform clogs like fashion icon David Bowie wore today. On the other hand, you can find alternatives with contemporary platform sneakers or boots.

What accessories complete a ’70s style?

When it comes to accessories, ’70s men’s fashion seems to bring out the effeminate side of men. In all delicacy, the clutch in the front jacket pocket is the must-have of a 70s outfit. Complemented by a wide, geometrically patterned tie, I think it accentuates the singularity of your look.

On your wrist, a beautiful dandy watch and ethnic leather bracelets are ideal adornments for chic style. And in summer, bring out your aviator sunglasses and a headband or headband on the beach. Finally, I can’t recommend enough that you sign off the perfection of your ’70s outfit by wearing chunky gold or silver rings.

How do I style my hair for a total ’70s look?

When we think of 70s fashion, we instinctively think of the long hair of hippies, the spiky cuts of rockers and the scooped hairstyles of disco stars.

But don’t worry, I’m going to give you a few tips on how to keep your hairstyle on trend while taking inspiration from retro fashion! Whether your hair is short, medium-length or very long, a simple side parting with a drooping fringe is the perfect way to shape your ’70s look. And during the summer months, get out your cowboy hat – it’ll be the must-have accessory for standing out on the beach this summer!

Which outfits to match for true ’70s fashion?

Now that we’ve reviewed the 3 key periods that influenced menswear fashion in the 70s, I can confirm that choosing the right pieces will ensure an absolutely modern look!

To achieve this, it’s important to prioritize the cut of the pieces that make up your outfit. Starting with the pants, which, as we’ve seen, should be well-cut at the waist and slightly flared at the ankles. You can also opt for a bootcut cut to bring a more modern spirit while retaining the hippie chic allure of the 70s. As for the shirt, I advise you to choose one that’s just right for the body, so that it can fit your silhouette perfectly. Don’t hesitate to wear a t-shirt or tank top under your shirt to remain elegant in all circumstances. Choose a belt in impeccable leather with a discreet buckle to mark your waist.

Don’t forget the jacket! I advise you to choose a well-fitted, Italian suit-style jacket with side pockets. A chest pocket will allow you to wear a pretty floral scarf, the accessory that unmistakably recalls 70s fashion. And for your feet, choose quality leather boots or ankle boots, with a maximum 5 cm heel to ensure a natural gait!

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