The issue for men of whether to keep body hair or not is now settled. By 2015, 68% of men admit to shave the armpits. What about you ?

For a few weeks now, Instagram is filled with young girls who embrace not shaving as much and have even stopped shaving their armpits. While with men, on the contrary, the trend is to go beardless. So should we shave the armpits ?

For or against underarm hair ?

If for some, shaving is necessary due to the demand of being an athlete, for 52.1% of the men surveyed by the Men’s Health website think that having shaved armpits is “more comfortable.” On the other hand, 11% of guys still find it “really weird” to shave.

What is the function of hair ?

First, do we have hair just to keep us warm in the winter? Not so much that. Hair contains the pheromone that is one of the keys to sexual attraction. Basically, come smell my armpits, you’re going to fall in love. : ‘)

Shaving or not today remains more an aesthetic or practical choice than anything else. So it’s up to you to decide what makes you feel better. Note that shaving too frequently causes a higher risk of ingrown hairs. Painful and unsightly.

Should underarm hair be shaved or trimmed ?

A happy medium is to keep a base of short hair that you trim regularly, that’s what I do myself. And now that you have baby skin, there is advice on burning off weight!


Do guys have to shave the armpits ?

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