Benefits of Having a Beard

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Over the years, the masculinity of men changes. Well, not in essence but rather, in style. From the days of top hats and suits (and lack of beards) to the glory days of the beard, men have always searched for a way to enhance their overall look.

Whether it’s by being knowledgeable in fashion and creating a handsome bloke of yourself or by letting that stunning beard grow, the end game is all the same – being as good looking as possible. But this isn’t what we’ll be talking about today.

Today, we will be talking about beards and why they’re beneficial to your health. That’s right! Beards come with a couple of surprising health benefits that many people don’t know about. This also isn’t a guide on how to grow and maintain a beard; it is merely an article on the vast health benefits that beards bring to their wearers.

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On to the benefits!

Prevents Skin Cancer

A couple of years ago, researchers found out that having a beard (even shorter ones) has the potential to block harmful UV rays. The UV rays that come from the Sun can cause skin cancer if you leave your skin unprotected. This is why people use sunblocks or sunscreens (depending on how you call them).

But, it may not be the only method of keeping your skin (and yourself) safe from harm! Long, thick beards are capable of blocking up to 95% of the harmful radiation which is incredible. So, protect yourself by growing a beard!

Reduce Infections

In some cases, human skin gets lacerations and damage which can cause infections. This all depends on the situation you find yourself in, but it’s still preventable. Some people use medication, and others use natural remedies.

But the best way to reduce the possibility of infections is through having a beard. Granted, it’s not something everyone can do, but guys – just do it!

Blemish-Free Skin

Blemishes aren’t exactly dangerous, but they can influence a person’s self-esteem. Having weird discoloration on your skin can cause a person to feel worse about themselves, and that’s never good.

So, what can you do about it? Grow a face full of beard! Beards have a way of masking the skin underneath (who would have thought, eh?) and it is because of this that blemishes are concealed (if they exist). On top of that, beards protect the skin from direct sunlight, dirt, and anything else that could cause issues with the skin.

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Aid People with Asthma

Tiny particles affecting the airway usually trigger asthma attacks. Things such as smoke, dust, even pet hair can all affect people with asthma. The good thing about beards is that they act like ‘air filters.’ Most of the dust will get caught up in your beard which means your airways should be mostly clear.

Doesn’t always work and it’s not expected to always work, but it does help. Try it!

Improve your Sex Life

You knew it was coming! Trends keep constantly changing, but beards always seem in style. There is some scientific evidence to back up the claim that beards improve people’s sex lives and, well, we’re inclined to agree.

There is a certain dose of ruggedness and masculinity associated with having a beard, and that can do wonders in bed.

Don’t believe this claim? Why not grow a beard and see if it works? We’re rooting it does!

Keep your Skin Moisturized

Although beards need to be taken care of properly (using specific beard shampoos, oils, balms, and other products), they still do a good job of keeping your skin moisturized. You should still wash your beard every other day to keep it healthy and clean.

The reason behind this is that beard hairs aren’t the same as the hairs on your head. In any case, special and constant beard care means that the skin underneath it will be nice and moist; no drying at all!

Stay Young – Forever!

And lastly, the age factor. When you’re younger and rock a beard, people think you’re older. When you’re older and rock a beard, you look younger. The beard is a great addition to your face! You should wear it with pride and love.

It is capable of many things, but one of the most important ones is – making you handsome, handsome!

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