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Back pain can have many causes. In order to remedy it naturally, it is important to define the cause precisely.

In order to understand the reason why your back is hurting you, I will review with you the different possible causes and the advice that will relieve you.

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What are the main causes of back pain?


Overwork occurs when there is an imbalance between the constraints of life and our own ability to cope. The stress generated can be beneficial by transforming itself into a productive force and increasing resilience.

On the other hand, it can become harmful with psychological and physiological consequences that lead to a weakness in the control of daily behaviour: for example, poor posture when carrying heavy loads, poor quality sleep or excessive practice of sport in an attempt to overcome stress.

All of these behaviours have an impact on the health of your back. You can practice relaxation, which will allow you to refocus on your emotions. Or you can practice yoga sessions or simply quiet time rituals several times during the day. I also advise you to talk about what makes you anxious: speech has an abreaction effect that allows you to identify the cause of the stress and to find solutions to remedy the situation at the initiative of the anxiety.

A bad movement

Sport can become very intense, especially when you really want to build up your back muscles. It is then necessary to moderate and control to the maximum each of your movements in order to avoid back pain. As soon as the pain is felt, you can take a hot bath with its myorelaxing effect. Massages with essential oils can also be done gently.

In any case, if the pain persists, I suggest you make an appointment with a professional for medical advice.

Insufficient water intake

The cartilage is extremely hydrated in its natural state. Gorged with water, they allow the joint to glide perfectly with every movement. Insufficient water supply causes them to harden and lead to inflammation, which causes pain. To cope with neck pain, drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day.

A bad position at bedtime

Adopting a good sleeping posture helps to avoid back pain. When you are lying down, your head, pelvis and feet are perfectly aligned. The muscles are then completely relaxed. On the other hand, the gap between your body and the mattress forces the ligaments to tighten to compensate for the vacuum, which causes back pain.

To alleviate this discomfort, place a cushion at the level of the ankles and knees and fill the space between the neck and the mattress.

Muscular dystrophy

Myopathy is a pathology diagnosed by a progressive degeneration of muscle cells. When it is localized in the dorsal area, it causes pain in its inflammatory process. A doctor’s opinion will help define the appropriate measures to be put in place to relieve muscular dystrophy.

A lumbago

Back pain or low back pain is mainly localized in the lower back and caused by a lumbago. It is a sudden movement, often following a sudden and excessive rotation. The pain is so acute that it prevents any attempt at movement.

Without preventive precautions, this form of back pain can become chronic. For example, back pain can occur when coughing or when suddenly rising from a height. To avoid the risk of lumbago, you can lift heavy weights by bending your legs before lifting them up.

During sports activities, for example to strengthen your back, moderate your movements by moving them slowly. If the pain becomes persistent, a medical consultation is highly recommended.

The Compex TENS belt: a solution to back pain

The Compex TENS belt offers a simple and effective solution to relieve back pain. This belt offers 8 different programs, to be adapted according to the type of pain: Chronic, muscular, intense, light…

You can manage your preferences using the Compex TENS belt‘s touch screen, which allows you to manage the intensity and level of heat to be produced.

Characteristics of the Compex belt

  • No electrode required
  • Adjustable compression and heat to relax the muscles
  • 8 different Compex TENS programs
  • 2 heat levels
  • Wireless and portable belt
  • Available in 2 sizes (S/M and L/XL)

What’s included in the box

  • The Compex TENS belt
  • The touch screen to choose and adjust your program
  • A micro-USB cable
  • A user’s guide

A good choice in my opinion to temporarily relieve this type of problem with a few sessions a week. Note that the belt is guaranteed for 2 years!

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Compex TENS review

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