As a fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast, I know how essential it is to take care of every part of your body when training. Among the muscle groups most in demand and often neglected, the legs occupy a central place, and this is also my great weakness.

They are the foundation of our strength and stability in many exercises. However, while I’m a fervent advocate of a natural, no-frills approach to training (as far as I’m concerned, anyway), I’m also aware of the undeniable benefits that sports orthotics can bring to leg training, especially when you’re struggling to build muscle in your legs as I am.

In this article, I’ll share with you five compelling reasons to incorporate these devices into your training routine. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or an enthusiastic beginner, you’ll discover how sports orthotics can not only improve your performance, but also prevent injury and accelerate your progress towards stronger, more muscular legs.

Knee brace for squats

1. Injury prevention

Patellar knee pads supports play a crucial role in preventing common injuries associated with leg strength training, including ankle sprains and knee injuries that can occur when performing squats, for example.

Their ergonomic design provides extra structural support for fragile joints, limiting excessive movement and unwanted stress during exercise. By stabilizing the knee joint, they reduce the risk of lateral deviation and twisting, two common mechanisms of injury during squat and deadlift movements.

Similarly, by keeping the ankle in a neutral position, they minimize the risk of twisting or overstretching. By incorporating patellar knee supports into my training routine, I’ve noticed a marked reduction in joint pain and discomfort, which has enabled me to approach my sessions with greater confidence. As we all know, leg day isn’t our favorite, but we’ve got to train our thighs.

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2. Support and stability

Patellar kneepads provide essential support and stability during leg training sessions. By firmly enveloping the patella and knee joint, these braces reduce uncontrolled movements and lateral oscillations during exercises such as squats and leg extensions, especially when you want to push heavier.

This extra support helps maintain correct form throughout exercise, reducing pressure on the joints and preventing unnecessary strain. With patellar knee pads, I can push my limits safely, knowing that my knees are solidly supported and protected, promoting more efficient and productive workouts to develop my chicken thighs!

3. Improved performance

Patellar knee supports not only provide support and stability, they can also help improve performance during leg-building exercises. By reducing stress on the joints and providing targeted support, these braces enable better transmission of muscle force, resulting in more efficient execution of movements.

With reduced joint and muscle fatigue, I can maintain a higher training intensity over a longer period of time, promoting more productive sessions and increased muscle gains. What’s more, the extra support provided by the knee pads allows for faster recovery between sets, enabling me to complete workouts with minimal recovery. By integrating patellar knee supports into my training routine, I’ve seen a significant increase in my overall performance, both in terms of strength and endurance, helping me to achieve my leg-building goals more effectively.

4. Reduced muscle fatigue, yes !

They also help to reduce muscular fatigue during leg training sessions, which usually take two days to recover from.

By providing structured support to the knee joint, these orthoses reduce the load on the surrounding muscles, thereby reducing premature fatigue during training. Thanks to a more balanced pressure distribution, patellar knee braces promote better muscular endurance, enabling longer, more intense training sessions.

What’s more, by maintaining good blood circulation and promoting toxin elimination, they help reduce lactic acid build-up and post-exercise soreness. By wearing patellar kneepads, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in muscle fatigue, enabling me to maintain high energy levels throughout my sessions and optimize my overall leg-building performance. Remember to wear them systematically, sometimes I forget them at home… because yes as I sweat I also have to clean them sometimes.

5. Facilitating recovery

Finally, they play an essential role in facilitating recovery after leg-building sessions. By providing targeted support and compression, these braces promote better blood circulation around the knee joint, helping to reduce inflammation and speed up the muscle recovery process.

By reducing pressure on muscles and tendons, they also minimize the risk of post-exercise stiffness and pain. What’s more, by maintaining good joint stability during training, they help prevent injuries and microtrauma that could compromise recovery. So, convinced? Give them a try and see the difference!

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