You leave soon and the excitement goes up, but you have to take notice of the mistakes you can not make when you travel to New York, I will tell you everything.

6. Do not tip in restaurants, bars and elsewhere

In bars, restaurants, hairdressers … it is generally left between 15% and 20% of the amount of the invoice excluding taxes. This is very important because the waiters are paid in part by the tips, which if you leave nothing, the waitress does not earn much! Think about it!

For example, on a two-person bill at the restaurant for a total of $100 before taxes, it will be necessary to leave between $15 and $18 for the service, to which will be added the 8.8875% of taxes of the city. Tipping and taxes are to be calculated on the amount excluding taxes of the invoice.

In some buffets where the waiter brings you a glass of water, the tip is sometimes added automatically, especially for tourists. You have the right to refuse this because in a buffet you are the one who serves you! Do not get fooled.