You leave soon and the excitement goes up, but you have to take notice of the mistakes you can not make when you travel to New York, I will tell you everything.

4. Do not take an adapter for electrical outlets

In the USA the catches are not like in France, and during my first stay, I arrived at 8PM at JFK airport. At the hotel around 11PM, then I realized that I can’t charge my phone, and it was the same for my computer which I had used all the battery watching movies on board.

To reassure my parents, I had to go out at night and look for a shop that could sell some. After 30 minutes of walking, I finally found an adapter that I had paid about $20, and of poor quality, but I had no choice.

Remember to buy an adapter by clicking on the button below, there is Amazon on less than $10 and your can ship it to your hotel!