The Ludlow Hotel

Take a bath with a breathtaking view of New York, drink cocktails by the fireplace, or enjoy a coffee in the garden. The Ludlow Hotel is a perfect place to stay in New York. I will tell you everything about my visit last March.

Take a bath with a breathtaking view of New York

All marble, the bathrooms at The Ludlow Hotel will make you travel back in time. The subtle blend of white marble, golden copper, and industrial light bulbs will make you feel like you are in a movie.

On the back side of the hotel, almost all the baths have a large window that allows you to admire the view as you relax while taking a bath and sipping a good glass of wine.

The Ludlow Hotel

When booking, ask to have a room as high as possible to have the chance to live this unique moment.

The bathrooms are spacious so you can take care of yourself in peace. I emphasize this point because often in New York, the bathrooms are quite narrow and uncomfortable.

The Ludlow Hotel

The Ludlow Hotel

A hotel room in New York just like home

I do not like, bad surprises when I enter a hotel room. I appreciate the feeling of being at home and being able to take advantage of the space and storage space.

What a surprise opening the door! A double bed big enough for 2 people, and a large wardrobe to store shirts, pants, and shoes!

The Ludlow Hotel

On the refreshment side, a coffee machine, and a water kettle are available for free with a choice of coffees and teas.
The room offers a mini bar with delicacies, wines, and champagnes. To finish on this point, it rained a lot during my stay and there is in each room a big umbrella made available free for the customers.

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Breakfast, dinner and appetizers in New York

When I arrive in New York and no matter how tired, I quickly drop my things in the room and go for a walk in the city. This time it did not happen that way.

The Ludlow Hotel

Discovering the lounge, bar and restaurant at The Ludlow Hotel, my friend and I decided to lounge around the fireplace.

The Ludlow Hotel

The hotel lounge is soothing because of its calm, colors and decoration. This place is so nice that it has become a meeting place for many New Yorkers.

If you do not stay at the hotel you can enter it freely. In general there are many people from 5 and until late at night, so arrive early!

The Ludlow Hotel

If you like drinking coffee or tea, the lounge is located right next to the lounge. Bright and also quiet, you can sit and enjoy a drink and even have breakfast.

Address: The Ludlow Hotel, 180 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002, USA

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Right in front of The Ludlow Hotel

If you like good Italian food, in front of the hotel is the restaurant Taverna Di Bacco. You can dine there or just enjoy a glass of wine at the bar.

restaurant Taverna Di Bacco

Planning your trip to New York

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The Ludlow Hotel

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