You leave soon and the excitement goes up, but you have to take notice of the mistakes you can not make when you travel to New York, I will tell you everything.

5. Forget that the majority of the prices are displayed excluding local taxes

How can you post a price and bill me another? This was the question I asked during my first stay in the USA in 2002. I did not understand why in the shops, all the prices displayed were never the prices paid.

What are New York City taxes for goods and services?

The state and the city of New York impose taxes on services and the sale of goods, like V.A.T in Europe. As mentioned above, the displayed prices are not the final prices to be paid, it will be necessary to add 8.875% of taxes which constitute:

  • the New York City Tax : 4.5%
  • the New York State Tax : 4%
  • the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District Tax (MCTD) : 0.375%

Clothing and footwear under $100 are exempt from New York City and New York sales tax. Purchases over $110 are subject to taxes.

Finally, check carefully your hotel reservation, that it displays the price with all taxes included to avoid surprises on the day of departure from the hotel with taxes to pay or resorts fee.