You leave soon and the excitement goes up, but you have to take notice of the mistakes you can not make when you travel to New York, I will tell you everything.

2. Traveling without health insurance

In the United States, health costs are very expensive. In addition, in case of accident or illness, you are not covered outside our borders, you must pay out-of-pocket and you will be reimbursed based on rates in your country.

A simple visit to the doctor in the USA can cost between $200 and $700, in Europe, it is between $25 and $100. In case of medical problem in the United States and without private insurance, you will have to pay the amount on the spot, and your local social security will refund you in this case 10 times less, the rest will be your responsibility.

This example does not take into account a more serious illnesses or emergency, and the costs can be astronomical.

To avoid any problem, pay for your trip (minimum plane ticket) with an American Express card to receive travel insurance, a card with medical insurance or buy insurance online.