Grooming products for men are no longer a taboo subject. We love them, we use them every day to feel better, to improve our skin, in short to be more beautiful (well, we hope so!). And as the choice became incredible, I am going to present you the brands the most in sight to make us more seductive. Ready guys ?

best beauty brands for men

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Since 1995, the British brand Lush has been pampering us. What do we love about this label? Obviously, its products. The brand is phenomenally successful after young hype, because it offers exclusively products based on natural compounds. We can find a very good facial scrub, Ocean Salt based on sea salt or the Mask of Magnaminty are sure values of the brand.

These are must-haves for men’s Grooming products. If you shave, D’Fluff will be your best ally. This softness will form a layer between the blade and the skin and take care of it while allowing an optimal cut. Your hair is hungry? The last product I’ll introduce to you is Cynthia Sylvia Stout Beer Shampoo. This will boost your scalp and make your hair a lethal weapon!


The American brand Kiehl’s is well known. For over a century and a half, it has been offering products designed with natural compounds. Originally, these products were sold in the family pharmacy. Today, they are among the most popular products in the field of male cosmetics.

Men especially love the Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment, which will revitalize the skin and revive the glow.

The Age Defender Eye Repair is also very popular. It improves the firmness of the sensitive skin in this area and will effectively reduce puffiness and dark circles. It is also ideal for effectively reducing fine lines.


The products of the Aesop brand come from Australia. Men’s hair care and skin care products are proposed by the label imagined by a hairdresser (Dennis Paphitis) in 1987. In the proposed range, you can find everything: hand gels, soaps, face and body creams, perfumes… You will easily find what you need.

The signature of Aesop? Products created only with plants that pamper us. Aesop wants above all to please us and concocts products of unequalled softness. The creations are aromatic, effective and original. You can thus offer a high-end cleansing to your face with the parsley seed cleansing gel which will bring you a very soft exfoliation.

You can also offer your hair a moisturizing mask with rose to deeply nourish your hair and scalp. You can even invest in a rejuvenating body balm (well, just the skin on your body!). This balm also offers delicately vanilla scents enhanced by sandalwood and tangerine peel. It should still be noted that even though the brand offers natural products, some may contain some undesirable elements. This is the negative side of the label.

The Lab

You may have already heard of Le Labo Santal 33 perfume, which is considered the best men’s fragrance in the world. Le Labo is first and foremost a French perfumer. In 2006, the two creators moved to the United States. In these workshops, everything is done in an artisanal way. The sensory experience is at the heart of the work of these professionals.

You can discover a black tea scented bath oil with which you will massage yourself to intensely moisturize your skin and smell great. The shower gel is also available if you have totally fallen for this incredible scent. You can also succumb to the Hinoki hair mask with macadamia nut or the Basil Body Cream. And of course, Le Labo also offers fragrances for men. Sandalwood 33, but also Another 13, Rose 31, Baie 19…

L’Oréal Men Expert

The brand is well known, even by those who don’t know anything about cosmetics. The label offers everything you need to feel better about yourself, from hair coloring to expert skin care to deodorants. These products have the advantage of being available in supermarkets. You can therefore buy your products (many of them) while shopping.

Among the leading products of the moment, you can succumb to the Hydra Energetic Iced Eye Roller. The caffeine contained in the product gives a boost to visibly reduce dark circles and bags. Feeling glum? You can try the Tinted Gel for an immediate healthy glow. Plus, it moisturizes!

L’Oréal has democratized men’s cosmetics, so we can thank them!

Nivea Men

Still in supermarkets, the Nivea Men range offers you quality care at low prices. The brand was created in 1911 by a German pharmacist. Nivea’s first product was the famous ultra moisturizing cream. Over time, the product family grew.

In the 1980s, the Nivea Men line was introduced. Since then, the brand has created many, many products for men, all of which are wonderfully gentle on the skin. You can also choose a product from the anti-aging line that contains a particularly effective molecule: the Q10 enzyme. You can find it in the Q10 Energy Cream or the Active Energy Energizing Face Cream. With this last product, your skin will be refreshed.

Biotherm Homme

We go to the drugstore now and we turn to the brand Biotherm. Born in France in 1952, the label belongs today to the group L’Oréal. The characteristic of these products? The use of thermal water of Molitg-les-Bains brings many benefits to the skin: it regenerates it, hydrates it in depth, cleans it gently… In short, these are optimal care products for men’s skin.

You can select the Force Supreme anti-aging gel that provides firmness and tone without forgetting a high-end glow. Note that all the products in the range contain life plankton, a patented component that boosts cell regeneration. If you are not familiar with the brand, you can try it out with face packs for example. What should you remember about Biotherme for men? Simple but effective skin care products.

Clarins Homme

Clarins was founded in Paris in 1954. The men’s line was created in 2002. The family-owned brand created plant-based skin care products that can be found in its grooming salons. The results are proven. You will be able to discover the anti-aging care products dedicated to these gentlemen.

Clarins Men’s anti-wrinkle firming treatment is ideal if you notice the skin starting to sag. The features will be tightened and the skin firmed. You can also choose Hydra Sculpt which will redefine the contours of your face with skill. Note also that the product has a very fresh tightening effect. It wakes you up! The main asset of the brand: the treatments are particularly well targeted.


Clinique is an American brand that appeared in 1967. It is a collaborator of the brand Esthée Lauder who imagined the label that has since become a reference. The ranges are numerous, all composed of high-end products.

If you take a look at the user reviews, you can see that they are very appreciated. I’ve found a few examples like the Toning Care, a must have to take care of your skin before shaving. This treatment will deeply moisturize, prepare the skin for the shaving process and soothe irritations. You can also choose the ultra-gentle cleansing foam. The name says it all! The skin is protected and the foaming texture creates a very pleasant cocoon.

In these creations, there are absolutely no harmful components.

Vichy Homme

Vichy is a French brand that was born in 1931 in Auvergne. The heart of the brand? Thermal water. This one has many assets for the skin. It participates in its healing, provides many elements for optimal health. Moisturization is at the forefront. Vichy has also thought of the sensitive skin of men by offering them very soft products. You can test, for example, the anti-irritation shaving foam or the deodorant for sensitive skin.

Nuxe Men

The cosmetic brand Nuxe was created in 1989 following the acquisition of a phytotherapy and aromatherapy laboratory. But it was not until 2015 that Nuxe launched its first anti-aging skin care for men. It was the beginning of a great success and the range was quickly enriched to offer a dozen products dedicated to these gentlemen. Body and face care, but also for shaving, everything is there.

The products are composed of plant extracts (like baobab, oak or hornbeam). These cares are effective and pleasant with really soft textures. The perfume of the products is present, but also very nice. You can try the Multifunctional Moisturizing Gel or the After Shave Balm.

Dior Homme

Who doesn’t know Dior? Founded in 1946, the famous French label has made a unique place for itself in the fashion world. Then perfumes and skin care. Today, the luxury brand offers products that promise to balance men’s skin with high quality ingredients with its Dermo System range. Vitamin E and a bio-fermented active ingredient make up these products to deeply nourish the skin. The promised result? A perfect skin, nothing less.

You can treat yourself to the Moisturizing Repair Emulsion or the Age Control Firming Care. Dior homme is also, of course, the perfumes and their variations. Well, you will have understood, the brand presents quality products that many people like. Small problem for tight budgets: the price. It is normal with a Dior product, but it can make you think.

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