Dior Homme: the world of contemporary men
The Dior brand is a reference in the world of high fashion. Its Dior Homme universe stands out on the fashion runways.

Christian Dior has adapted to men’s ready-to-wear and has diversified with men’s fragrances. Everyone can assert his personality with Dior for men.
Dior clothing for men: a masculine silhouette asserted
Dior dresses you from head to toe with distinction. Whether you choose a wool jacket with an officer’s collar or a wool jacket with satin inserts, the slim-fitting cuts enhance your silhouette. Two buttons are enough to close it with a false negligence.

Dior’s creations for men take over T-shirts to make stylish outfits thanks to the choice of fabrics: jersey cotton blend with “devoured” print or 100% cotton delicately embroidered with a bee or the designer’s initials “CD”.

The Christian Dior brand is constantly reinventing itself and creating the trends of tomorrow. Its cotton sweatshirts are designed to be comfortable but also to keep their appearance new in spite of time.

What would the brand be without its shirts? The designer invents the metal and black lacquer button cover. The simple initial D stands out soberly, with class. Your shirt becomes a “must” of elegance.

In summer, let yourself be seduced by Bermuda shorts, Dior jeans or cotton Chino pants. In winter, you can replace them with wool pants that fall impeccably and dress all body types with character.

Do you go out for formal events? The wool tuxedo with gray silk trim will get you noticed wherever you go.

In a more classic version, you will find the wool powder grain tuxedo in navy blue or black. But the designer has diversified to offer you the perfume that reveals your deepest personality.
Dior Homme perfumes: they reveal your character
Because Dior knows that a man is a whole composed certainly of a silhouette but also of a personal and intimate olfactory presence; the brand offers you its perfumes, toilet waters or after-shave lotions.

The range for men has a wide range that includes shower gel, aftershave balm and deodorant in stick or spray form.

The fragrances match your personality or your schedule: Dior Homme Intense for unforgettable dates. During the day or for leisure activities, choose the Dior Homme Sport palette.

Here too, you can easily find the refreshing spray, the eau de toilette or the Perfectrice Pore Control essence among the products offered.

Dior cares about the well-being of men and has composed the Dermo System panoply that cleanses the skin deeply, moisturizes it and provides an anti-aging effect.

When you choose Dior for men, you are embracing a world that is designed for you, the men!

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