If you are concerned about the appearance of your skin, you will be interested in the application of Dior’s invigorating moisturizing emulsion. This brand, which is highly regarded in the world of cosmetics, offers us Dior Homme Dermo System, in an elegant, sober bottle, intended for men whose skin suffers from external aggressions such as daily stress and pollution.

This high-end product, but accessible to the greatest number, benefits not only from a beautiful packaging, but also from a content which, after regular application, will allow you to give a much more attractive texture to your skin.


Dior Homme Dermo System: pros and cros of this moisturizing emulsion

If there is one quality that no one can reproach Dior’s moisturizing and toning emulsion for, it is its ability to penetrate deeply into the epidermis and make the skin smoother, more matte and more luminous.

After a few days of application, this lotion gives the skin a very pleasant texture with a feeling of hydration that lasts a good part of the day, even with physical exercise.

From the first days of application, one can notice the first benefits such as the correction of the small imperfections of the face. It is in particular thanks to the more mat complexion given by this cream that the face appears firmer, healthier, great for oily skin like me.

Designed for all skin types, this moisturizing and toning emulsion from Dior has proven to be effective in providing a real matification of the face and a texture that can give the feeling of losing a few years, but it is not an anti-wrinkle cream I specify.

In addition to the visible effects, the smell that emanates from it is pleasant and brings a certain dose of freshness not negligible especially when it is hot and dry. Its superb packaging is also a strong point with an elegant bottle and a bag that makes you want to know more. The Dior touch is present in all aspects.

The only regret I can express towards this product is that it runs out rather quickly. So you have to dose well to prolong the duration of use. The choice of a pump bottle is in my opinion a bad idea.

Indeed, in the long run, there is still cream at the bottom of the bottle, as is the case with many products using this type of container, but it cannot be used because the pump cannot reach it. Unless you open the bottle to get the rest of the cream, it is definitely lost.

The composition of the product

DIOR HOMME DERMO SYSTEM toning moisturizing emulsion contains a biofermented active ingredient. This one has a very simple principle, to give a healthy face while preserving its skin and the flora which accompanies it.

The biofermented active ingredient allows us to keep our skin alive, without removing the natural and protective barrier that is absolutely necessary. A skin cleaned too abruptly with too many chemical products will give a fragile skin and subject to external aggressions.

The second active ingredient in the emulsion is vitamin E phosphate, which reinforces the skin’s natural protective barrier and preserves it over the long term.

The skin will remain in good health longer and will be better able to face pollution, cold or sun rays too intense.

Recommendations for use to obtain maximum hydration

If this fluid emulsion has impressive capacities of penetration of the skin with with the key a deep hydration, some recommendations of use are to be applied to obtain optimal results while limiting the risk of exhaustion too quickly of the bottle.

To benefit from a toned and moisturized skin and to obtain an ultra-fresh texture while limiting the dose of Dior’s moisturizing and toning emulsion, it is recommended to cleanse your skin well with a cleansing gel if possible. I recommend applying it after a good shower and a thorough drying in order to better dose the cream and to keep it under your elbow as long as possible.

Very effective, this emulsion can be spread out finely on the skin, without fatty effect, by massing delicately the driest and most damaged places. Do not hesitate to spend a few minutes to spread it well and take advantage of the moisturizing effects of the cream.

After a week of daily use and application, you will notice that your skin will be less sensitive to external aggressions, with a smoother, matte and pleasant texture to the touch.

It is truly an ideal cream to firm up the skin of the face and appear younger, less tired. The product is sold around $60 before taxes on specialized websites.

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