The expression POV has become common on social networks. Together, we will unravel the mystery of this acronym that proposes a new kind of immersion in the real via the virtual.

Definition of “POV”

POV can have several meanings in English, including: Privately Owned Vehicle, Power of Veto, etc. In the context of social networks, POV means Point Of View. This anglicism defines a shot shown from the protagonist’s point of view. It is also referred to as first person perspective.

In the world of video games, POV defines first-person shooters. Gaming fans are familiar with this mode of play through great classics such as Call of Duty or Medal of Honor. The player is invited to live an almost total immersive experience.

This term is also widely used on the web. First of all on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. It is still recurrent on online forums.

POV meaning

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POV on TikTok

A trend on the social network has seen the term POV flourish. The acronym often appears as a hashtag (#) on TikTok. It is a character used as a metadata marker for social networks. It highlights keywords for users.

By using a POV hashtag in their videos, TikTok users can present a live event. Viewers of the video are immersed in the action. They can feel like they are visiting a location or watching a live conversation. Viewers participate in the scene as if they were right there.

There are a multitude of POVs that invite the TikTok viewer to immerse themselves in a very specific situation: fake relationship with a character or a pretend family member, interaction with historical characters, cosplay, immersion in fantasy or horror scenarios, etc. These POV videos are therefore a means of entertainment for social network users.

Behind the scenes of a POV

POV videos last a maximum of 15 seconds on TikTok. Several content customizations are possible thanks to digital libraries available on the application. For example, you can choose music or background music. The choice depends mainly on the context of the video. Filters also allow you to add details when editing the content.

The application offers four categories of filters: landscape, portrait, power, vivid. An “effects” option offers the possibility to further customize the content. As you can see, the interest of TikTok is to play on the ultra customization of videos. For example, the filter named “summer” can give a colorful touch to your production. A portrait filter called “S1” gives the face a 10-year younger look. The landscape filter “B6” plants a landscape behind you and brings out warm colors.

You can use Ray ban Stories Wayfarer to record your videos and post your POV

Effects are sometimes inserted by video creators. The multiplier allows you to multiply the number of people who appear in the video. If you want to tell a story in 15 seconds with scrolling text, the Star Wars effect is definitely for you. Content creators can still add glasses or accessories to their look. So there are many ways to put yourself in the picture when addressing your audience.

A little bonus info that I’ll give you, for the most experienced TikTokers, it is possible to create your own filters. You just have to use the platform provided by the application: Effect House.

Among the elements available, we can insert the name of a company, ideal for professionals. I think that POV is a great way for small/medium businesses to promote themselves to their potential customers.

Immersion in the best POVs

POVs represent golden opportunities for producers of series and movies. So, it is possible for TikTok users to upload POVs where actors are on stage. I would like to tell you about the POVs of Stranger Things. One of the protagonists declares his or her love for you live or gives you a juicy revelation about the world upside down.

The Star Wars POV’s account publishes many videos where the user seems to have a lightsaber. The weapon of the jedis fits perfectly on your screen with your living room or kitchen in the background. This way you can post videos where everyone will imagine you are a fan of the Force.

Want to travel, but not sure where to go? TikTok accounts offer immersive experiences. Just log in to your profile and select globetrotters who share their wonderful discoveries with you. Stroll on a beach in Tahiti, explore the village of Oia in Santorini, escape to a redwood forest in the United States, immerse yourself in New York City, etc. The world invites itself into your phone.

Culture also invites itself on TikTok. One of the most interesting POV accounts is probably space.generation, run by NASA. The American Space Agency allows its followers to watch the takeoff of a space shuttle from Cape Kennedy in POV. It is also possible to immerse oneself in the Apollo 16 lunar mission or to participate in a spacewalk with astronauts working on the International Space Station.

From a marketing point of view, POV is a digital weapon with a very broad spectrum. A company like Starbucks Coffee produces POVs where the Internet user has the impression of having in his hands the latest drink that the mermaid firm has developed. Starbucks still offers its subscribers to discover in a few seconds the behind-the-scenes production of an espresso or a cappuccino. It’s like putting on a barista’s apron.

Why create a POV?

Creating a POV allows TikTok subscribers to gain likes even if they’re not famous. It’s all about strategy. To be successful, a POV needs to be immersive or engage the viewers. It is important that they feel personally touched and invited to interact with the content.

Other expressions that can be seen on social networks

Several other diminutives circulate on social networks, especially on the accounts of Instagram influencers. I propose you some frequent examples to find your way in this jungle of acronyms.


FYP is the acronym for For You Page. This term is used to highlight the main feed of your TikTok account where videos are automatically scrolled. NP is an acronym used for “No Problem”.


LOL is the acronym of the expression Laughing Out Loud.


If we tell you about Duet on TikTok you might not understand what it’s all about. This function allows you to make duets between users of the application. Duet mode is done through a split screen.


The term PFP mean picture for proof and profile pic.


I’ll warn you right now, CEO does not mean Chief Executive Officer. But it does have a connection. The term is used on many social networks to define someone who is the best in their field. It’s a kind of recognition from the community.


ASL is a very quick way to ask for your age, gender and location.

IB stands for Inspired By. When producing a video, a creator may use the acronym IB to reference another content creator in relation to their video.

NP is an acronym used for “No Problem”.

Through this presentation, I hope you have understood the importance of POVs. These are videos that dominate more and more the contents of TikTok. This trend is growing in a fabulous way, especially thanks to the dedicated hashtag.

With POV, companies reach their customers, organizations spread culture, productions publicize their films and series, etc. It is a powerful weapon to reach a large or small audience and increase its views.

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