You dream of looking like a movie star, of being as seductive, classy and dazzling as those models on glossy paper. But how can you do that? Because let’s face it! You probably don’t have the incredible physique of these celebrities, but more importantly, you don’t have a team of coaches, stylists, hairdressers or makeup artists at your disposal who can touch you up every moment of the day.

However, with a few simple but well applied rules, you will see that you can be confident enough to be the star of your entourage!

Be comfortable in your sneakers

It’s well known that the men who are most confident, or at least who seem to be fully confident, are like you and me, but above all, they have found their own style. The one that suits them, the one they are proud to wear, and with which they feel comfortable and themselves. There is nothing worse than a man who takes the style of another without being able to assume it. It’s immediately obvious if you are comfortable or not, if you are playing a role…

To start this adventure towards seduction, you must first take ownership of your style. Are you more comfortable in sneakers or in city shoes? Do you prefer shirts or polo shirts? Do you want to adopt a cool casual style or a classy dandy style? How do you want people to perceive you? What image do you want to project? Are you a sneakers and suit or a suit without tie?

Prepare a moodboard of the styles you like, the pieces you would like to try. I recommend making a nice selection so that you can then shop for several different styles. By trying on everything you can think of, you can learn to choose what you like, what makes you look good, and what doesn’t. In short, you have to dare to try on something that you like. In short, you have to DARE and especially TRY! Because if this piece is really beautiful, we agree, it may not fit you at all, because of its cut, or because it doesn’t match your personality and it creates a big gap.

Also, as I mentioned above, if you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing it shows right away, and it’s anything but seductive.

style of dress to be an attractive man

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Choosing clothes in your size

The exercise is not simple. It’s true! We find our arms too thin, or our belly too big. We think that these 42 jeans fit us very well, while we are a poor 38. That super tight t-shirt shows off your belly and those love handles you don’t like…

We all have a well-defined perception of ourselves, which often doesn’t match reality. It’s true, isn’t it? Few people are truly satisfied with what they have. But that’s no reason to wear clothes that don’t fit.

This is one of the most difficult parts… Letting go of ego at the expense of style. Yes, you’re super happy to close the button on those size 42 pants when you’re usually more like a 44. But let’s face it: they’re tight, you don’t feel good in them, and the thought of putting them on makes you sweat. Choose instead these pants at your size, assume your own, and above all, once again, feel comfortable in what you wear. You will see that it changes everything!

If, like most men, you don’t know your size, or you don’t know the style of cut that suits your body type, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from those around you. Personally, I advise you to go see a good saleswoman and to avoid family and friends: too much affect. At least, if the saleswoman tells you that you look like a swaddled roast, you can tell her to go elsewhere.

Best of all, it’s her job, and she’ll have a good eye to guide you in your choices. Trust the experts!

Focus on quality!

Yes, it’s a little more expensive. You don’t plan to spend your salary on a new wardrobe. In this store, everything is less than 15 euros and it seems great. But no!

If you don’t have the budget, no problem. Choose key pieces of your wardrobe where you will put the price you need. Quality clothes are immediately obvious: they wear less quickly, are better cut and above all look better.

To start, focus on quality shoes, coat (or jacket depending on the season) and pants. With these three elements you will already see that you will have a style much more adapted and especially much more attractive, because better cut, more comfortable, in which you feel more at ease. Also, take the time to choose your brand of shirts, to find the one that will fit you perfectly with or without jacket.

In the same way, avoid going out with a sweater with a hole in it, worn out jeans, or a torn t-shirt. Every detail counts and nothing is less attractive than a man who doesn’t take care of himself or his things.

well-dressed man

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… and classic colors

If for the moment, you are not yet comfortable with your new style, choose classic colors: navy blue, gray, white, black, dark green … Associating colors is already a complex exercise in itself, to avoid any fashion faux pas, do not take any risk! It is better to do well than to do too much, and to find yourself ridiculous or uncomfortable. Before tackling flashy colors and patterns, find your style and assume it. Then you can move on to the next step, and let your creativity in clothing flow.

Don’t hesitate to use accessories to enhance your looks: belts, jewelry, glasses… accessories also count and are noticed, so take the opportunity to put them forward.

You will have understood it, several tricks can help you to adopt a seductive style, but the real seduction starts above all by you. Your way of being, your attitude, your ease are all assets that you should put forward to feel good in your look and in your head.

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