Byredo Oud Immortel Eau de Parfum reveals the olfactory charm of the Orient. Its secret lies in the hypnotic Woody-Cypré accord that composes it. Oud Immortel is a mixed, subtle and bewitching perfume. It fully embraces the exceptional charisma of each person.

This olfactory elixir is enriched with a noble material of perfumery, the Oud wood. This precious and extremely rare material is prized throughout the world. It is perceived by the Muslim culture as one of the essential elements for the world of perfumery.

Black gold, as it is called by perfumery professionals, is a fragrance that exudes a complex scent that almost no other natural ingredient can match.

Byredo Oud Immortel review


A hypnotic journey

Byredo Oud Immortel is a seductive fragrance made up of olfactory notes that combine with elegance. Its top note reveals woody and gourmand notes of cardamom and incense, its heart reveals intertwined scents of papyrus, Brazilian rosewood and patchouli.

Its warm base note is a mixture of tobacco leaves and moss that gives it depth and complexity. By the way, this perfume reminds me a bit of Bronze Wood & Leather by Jo Malone !

A refined bottle

Oud Immortel Eau de Parfum is presented in a spray bottle, a signature of the Byredo brand. Cylindrical and sober, this bottle is embellished with a black cap that gives it a refined style. This discreet case is a perfect match for the fragrance, accentuating its mysterious side which is best appreciated through its hypnotic fragrances. The pure style of the spray bottle of this eau de parfum attracts curiosity.

The history of Oud wood

Oud wood is a rare and specific wood that holds many virtues for health and spirituality. It has been used in Asia for several centuries for its benefits. Moreover, it is mentioned in one of the oldest written texts in the world, an Indian work, the Sanskrit Veda of India. Oud wood changes its name depending on the culture, it can be presented as Agar wood, Eagle wood, Calambac, Aloe wood

However, for most people, it is perceived as the wood of the gods. The bewitching perfume it gives off is due to a dark-colored and particularly fragrant resin that originates in the heart of the trunks of only a few varieties of trees such as the Aquilaria tree.

This resin, resulting from biological and physiological reactions, is secreted in a defensive manner against infections by certain types of fungi. This rare and precious elixir is found in only one specimen out of 100.

The Byredo “savoir faire”

Byredo was founded in 2006 in Stockholm by Ben Gorham. Byredo presents a range of incredibly coveted scented candles, perfumes, body products, leather goods and home accessories with a unique identity. The Swedish company creates simple fragrance compositions with high quality natural products. The products offered by Byredo are certified Made in France. They attract by their quality manufacturing, their refined visual and their contemporary elegance.

Byredo markets its high-end products through a worldwide distribution network in more than 40 countries. The brand has set itself apart by rethinking the world of luxury, where emotions become the soul of the creation. This concept has revealed an accomplished brand with infinite potential. Byredo creates timeless products, full of emotion and meaning.

An exceptional fragrance

Oud Immortel is an enigmatic and bewitching fragrance. Designed with Oud wood, recognized as one of the oldest perfumes in history, Oud Immortel offers an amazing connection between the past and the present. The complex and precise blend of ingredients that make up this eau de parfum offers a symphony of light and intoxicating scents that make it exceptional.

Byredo’s Oud Immortel seems to have captured the soul of the Orient, which makes it all the more unique and sensual. Its powerful and intoxicating scent allows it to be long lasting and it is when the intensity of the fragrance fades that it gives way to a warm and woody scent.

For me, it is a perfume that knows how to enhance me in all circumstances by enveloping me with an irresistible hypnotic note. The soul of this perfume dresses me with subtlety and elegance, it has become my essential seduction, whatever the event! On sale here !

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