During the winter season, it is more constraining to seduce a person on the beach, in a park or on the vacation places. And yet, there are many places where you have the opportunity to flirt in the middle of winter!

How do you approach someone you are physically attracted to when the temperatures are freezing outside? There are circumstances in which it is easier to approach a stranger, and other situations that are less favorable. If you are looking for your soul mate, discover 10 must-see places to meet your future, and probably long, love affair!

Top cruising spots to flirt

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1. During an evening with friends, the winning bet

Meeting a nice person and starting a great story with someone who suits you in every way is like playing the lottery! If you meet your soul mate during a night out with friends, it’s definitely a winning bet. Why? Because the fact that you are both in the same place, surrounded by people you know, already favors the future social existence of your couple! Especially since this context keeps you warm in the middle of winter.

Moreover, if you have friends in common, it is that you have necessarily, at least, one or two points in common also! And, this detail can facilitate the first approach with a person you absolutely want to know. In the worst case, it can be the opportunity to meet a sex friend!

2. On social networks, the risky bet

Getting to know a person on social networks or dating websites, from the warmth of your home, in the middle of winter, is always a very risky bet! Simply because it is much easier to maintain a virtual conversation during which the information may be slightly biased from reality.

On the other hand, if you find a person who is in a sincere approach, dating on social networks can become quite interesting. Indeed, spending several weeks exchanging with an unknown person, without ever having met him or her, is a pleasant feeling. Because, this distance allows you to go beyond the physical barriers, which can, in real life, influence your intentions.

3. During a cruise, in complete relaxation

If you plan to go on a cruise during the winter season, as a single person, prepare yourself to meet a rare person! It is always during the moments of absolute relaxation, that is to say during the vacations, that the mind is much more open to new encounters.

So, if you are going on a cruise, with the aim of absolutely finding your future soul mate, it is better to be prepared. Indeed, you must be in a psychological relaxation without fault, in order to be able to benefit fully from your stay and your game of seduction.

On the other hand, the only advice to remember is that if you go on a cruise for 15 days, it is strongly advised to avoid flirting with several people in a row! Indeed, you risk to have very quickly the image of a professional seducer or seductress!

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4. At the office, in all discretion

Although the workplace is not really conducive to seduction games, you still spend the vast majority of your days there! So, if one of your colleagues attracts you strongly, it can be stimulating to seduce each other in this very formal place. Especially since winter is less conducive to outdoor activities.

By giving each other small discreet appointments during break times, by organizing lunches for two, or simply by passing each other shyly in the corridors. And then, dating in the workplace can turn into a real game! Knowing that physical closeness is strictly prohibited, it adds spice to your relationship.

5. In a museum or at the cinema, cultural flirting

The cinema is a good choice for a first date for winter dating, as it is an environment that offers intimacy. It is also possible to have a conversation with someone in a movie theater by relying on whispers, silences, and looks.

Another cultural venue, such as museums, can also be perfect for seducing an unknown person. They offer some of the same advantages as movie theaters, but allow for more physical contact, such as discreetly holding hands.

Either way, the best place to date is the one that gives you the most social comfort!

6. In a cozy, trendy café or restaurant

Have you met someone you’re really attracted to? But with the winter season in full swing, it’s best to find a warm place. How about meeting them in a café or a nice trendy restaurant? These types of places are always great for having warm and sincere conversations. Moreover, meeting in a café or a restaurant is like meeting with friends! And so, the process is already much more serene.

Moreover, when you order a drink, it allows you to subtly get to know a little more about the personality of the person who makes you fall in love. The restaurant is also an opportunity to find out if you have any culinary points in common!

7. At the university: the meeting place for couples who last!

If you’re still a student, or a teacher, university is a place where you spend a large part of your day. You are then more likely to meet someone with whom you will have many common points. Whether you are in the same field or not!

In any case, when you are in college, in the middle of winter, there are many opportunities to pick up someone: in a lecture hall, during the weeks of classes, at the university restaurant, or during student parties. Moreover, in the vast majority of cases, the encounters that take place at the university form couples that last in time!

8. On the shelves of a library

Are you in a literary mood? The shelves of a library are calm and soothing. Especially in winter. They are therefore ideal meeting places to discreetly seduce someone. Moreover, if you find yourselves both in this precise place, it is that you probably share the love of books!

Dredging in the stacks of a library requires patience, calm, and a lot of romanticism. Indeed, you can approach your seduction speech by talking about your favorite book, your favorite author, or your great ambitions in a writing career! Love at first sight is guaranteed!

9. In a nice store: why not?

What if you spent your day shopping today? Why not? Simply because you will certainly meet the ideal person in one of your favorite stores! It’s a place that may seem very ordinary, but by choosing your store, you can make some very nice encounters.

Indeed, the objective is to look for a person who shares exactly the same tastes as you! This can be for example: a design furniture store, a gourmet grocery store, an interior design store, or a garden center if you prefer plants. It will always be much easier to talk about the things you like in common to start a conversation with a stranger! This makes it the perfect place to pick up women in winter.

10. In a hotel: elegant seduction

Do you often go on winter vacations alone or do you have to travel frequently for work? In that case, take advantage of your winter evenings spent alone in your hotel to start a conversation with your potential soul mate! It is a completely neutral place, often very quiet, and therefore conducive to a calm conversation, as well as a refined seduction!

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