Yes, a man can also own several sex toys even if this is more common among women, whether for his solitary pleasure or to add spice during his sexual relations with his or her partner.

Today, to help you choose a sex toys for men, I decided to list you my Top 7 sex toys for men and of course, by describing the why and how, ready to learn more about my little secrets and to buy a sex toy for men?

best sex toys for men

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1. The Cockring

It is probably the most popular male sex toy because it has 2 uses during the sexual act:

  • It allows the pleasure to last longer because it will help to delay ejaculation
  • It helps people who suffer from premature ejaculation to control the arrival of the fireworks!

However, be careful when using a cockring: if it is too tight, it can totally block the blood flow to your penis and send you directly to the emergency room.

I suggest using plastic ones because they remain elastic unlike iron models, and to use a little water-based lubricant to avoid friction and therefore irritate the skin at that level of the body, because this area is very fragile.

2. The doll!

And yes, dolls are also intended for men, except that we are on a very different format! The sex dolls as they are called have evolved a lot over the last few years. New phenomenon of society, the order of inflatable dolls or not, but personalized. Some companies specialize in the manufacture of sex dolls adapted to your tastes: size, hair color, eyes, shape of breasts … in short, the girl of your dreams can become reality, well almost is not it?

Best Sex Toys for Men

More and more realistic, they are more and more popular especially among single men who need to satisfy their fantasies : blondes, brunettes, sportswomen… there is something for everyone. Your can find a large selection on this website :

3. The masturbator

Being single is not always a choice, finding the right person is sometimes complicated, and even if our hands are sometimes our best friends, they can not provide the same effect as a masturbator.

There are all kinds: electronic with system to massage the penis, manual latex for a pleasure close to a real penetration. Of course, the two models, totally different, do not cost the same!

The advantage of some electric masturbators is that they can work for you without needing to touch them… or almost!

It is important to clean them very well after each use if you want to keep them as long as possible.

4. The vibrating ring

Close to the cockring, the vibrating ring is not intended to limit the blood flow to allow a better erection and slow down the ejaculation, it brings vibrations during the sexual act and it gives an additional very pleasant sensation.

5. Handcuffs

It makes many people fantasize, but you really have to have confidence to use them. Personally I am not against having my hands tied, it allows to discover new sensations and especially to feel both powerless and used… would you dare to try it with your sex friend?

6. The blindfold, for a total mystery!

Blindfolding yourself during a sexual act can help to embellish your imagination! Gentlemen, imagine yourself lying on the bed, totally blindfolded, letting your partner play with your body, without seeing or knowing what is really going on, for foreplay I totally recommend.

7. The penis enlarger

Big fantasy of many men, that of enlarging his penis, whether it is of normal size or already huge! Well, let’s be serious, this type of sex toy won’t enlarge it permanently, but the air pump will increase the blood flow in the penis and make it look slightly bigger.

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