Well, a study published in Personality and Individual Differences discovered that you could actually get more sex with an amazing tattoo.While we are quite sure that you may not want to get a tattoo just for this reason, it might help you to make up your mind, yes tattoos gets you more sex !

Tattoos Gets You More Sex

Photo model: Abel Carden

Get a tattoo and increase your chance to have sex

The study was carried out using 2584 women and men, who were heterosexual and were 25 years old on the average.

The result showed that women found men with tattoos more masculine than those without. It also showed that they believe men with tattoos could intimidate their male rivals which further heightened their sexual attractiveness. Talk about primal instinct.

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As part of the study, the participants were shown pictures of men with tattoos and those without and they had to score them using a five-point scale.

The men were rated on health, attractiveness, dominance, aggression and masculinity. They were also ranked based on the likelihood of their being good parents and partners.

Tattoos Gets You More Sex

Photo model: Abel Carden

The tattooed men were ranked as being more masculine, dominant and healthy; when men have these features, they have a higher chance of getting laid, so guys you have to take care of your tattoos !

It is also noteworthy that these features are related to high levels of testosterone. The study also showed that men with tattoos were viewed as being attractive by other men. Considering the fact that the men in the study were heterosexual, it is safe to assume that tattooed men are viewed as rivals by other men.

In another twist to the study, women were of the opinion that men without tattoos have the potential to be better partners and fathers. This is believed to have arisen out of the “bad-boy” perception associated with tattooed men.

So, even if getting a tattoo would improve your chances of getting laid, you may want to reconsider getting a tattoo especially if you want a committed relationship, and not just casual sex.

Does Cultural Influences have an impact ?

Tattoos have deep roots in cultural traditions like in Hawaii or French Polynesia, serving as symbols of identity, spirituality, and societal belonging. Across diverse cultures:

  1. Historical Significance: Tattoos have been practiced for centuries, with ancient civilizations using them for status, spiritual rites, and storytelling.
  2. Tribal Traditions: Indigenous cultures worldwide utilize tattoos as tribal identifiers, with designs reflecting lineage, social status, and spiritual connections.
  3. Religious Symbolism: Many religions incorporate tattoos as expressions of faith, featuring symbols and iconography with spiritual significance.
  4. Social Stigma: Tattoos have faced periods of stigma and taboos, often associated with criminality or rebellion in certain societies.
  5. Modern Revival: In recent years, tattoos have gained mainstream acceptance, shedding previous stigmas and becoming widely embraced forms of self-expression.
  6. Global Fusion: Globalization has led to a diverse fusion of tattoo styles and motifs, celebrating cultural diversity and creating unique designs influenced by various traditions.
  7. Personal Meaning: While cultural influences shape tattoo perceptions, their significance ultimately lies in personal interpretation, reflecting individual heritage, experiences, and values.

Tattoos serve as a canvas for cultural expression, blending tradition and personal narrative to create meaningful and diverse forms of body art.

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