It’s a discussion that’s been going on for a long time: does penis size matter? For some, it is a categorical no, for others on the contrary, it is yes. And, I must admit, it depends mainly on what you have! But what is it really? I asked myself this question and I went in search of information to know if the size really counts.

Do not rely on appearance? An accepted idea by all

First thing to know, the size of the penis at rest is not everything. In fact, many doctors have found that a quiet penis may be small, but it will unfold in all its glory (and make its larger competitors green with envy when at rest). It’s also worth noting that a large penis may not perform at 100%, while a smaller one will perform incredibly well. Very large penises may in fact only have a 50% erection.

There are also two types of penises and depending on the type, the size will be different during the action. Thus, the penises known as of flesh will have more or less the same size at rest and in action whereas the penises of blood can on the contrary double size in erection.

You may have guessed it, but there are as many penises as there are men! The “tool” can be very big and very small, very long, thin… But in any case, it is important not to be misled by its appearance at rest. Because when “sir” enters in action, he can totally change his face (well, I understand me). The size would thus seem very secondary. And yet. Let’s see why this criterion is important in five points!

penis size matters

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1. Reassure Mister

Who has never compared his machine with that of his friends? We boast, we are proud of it (or not…). Having an imposing penis size will then act on his self-confidence. We are sure that we can ensure with the ladies, that they will be dazzled and that everything will always go perfectly well. Because we have a competition penis (or almost).

It is true that several studies have shown that a man who has a really small penis will be less confident in front of others. The size has therefore a significant role on the self-confidence of these gentlemen (yes, guys, we must admit it!).

2. Leave a good memory

Gentlemen, it is important that you know that generally, women will not judge you on the size of your penis if you are successful. For them, it is simply what counts.

But if you’re average, then size will come into play in their judgments. Even if they all say the opposite! Women sometimes have a tendency to associate bad sex with small penis (you have to prove her wrong). So, if she wasn’t at the height of ecstasy, she’ll blame it on your sex.

The size of your sex will thus play the role of advertising “for the product”. But like any advertisement, this can quickly turn out to be totally false. It’s up to you to show that you don’t have to rely on your appearance!

3. Great sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

That’s right! This notion will undoubtedly disturb the owners of XXL penises, but it is a fact. Not all women are crazy about large penises. Why is that? Simply because an XXL sex can cause pain to some women.

The size has then an important role since the penis can cause inconveniences which will make that the moment will turn to the displeasure. Indeed, too imposing, the sex can be a real enemy of the small vaginas (but also of the too narrow vaginas) by causing lesions as well at the entry of the vagina as more deeply.

Your Herculean penis can cause injury and therefore obviously will not provide any pleasure

I’ll add something that will undoubtedly demoralize you (or not). It has been shown by a study (published in PLOS One) that the size of the penis also has an important influence on the fidelity of our partners. So it’s not just about advertising, but also about their loyalty! Really? Yes. It has been shown that men with a large penis had partners who cheated more regularly.

The study compared 545 couples and showed that the longer the sex, the more the woman goes elsewhere. Every inch (an inch is 2.5 cm) over the basic size (13 cm) increases the risk of his wife (or girlfriend) cheating. Why does this happen? We’ve already talked about it. Making love to a man with a large sex is painful! The circle is complete! To have pleasure without pain, the miss will go elsewhere. Simple and basic.

4. Smaller penises have better luck!

Are your eyes wide open? You read that right! Indeed, small penises are more likely to find the famous G-spot! Incredible isn’t it! And yet, it’s true.

Generally, it is accepted (science) that the G-spot is located 4 cm from the entrance of the vagina. Does that make sense to you now? A long sex will just pass by, without even paying attention! (Just kidding.) But as you can see, even a small penis can touch this highly sensitive area. In this case, the size will be important for pleasure, as long as it is within the low range.

5. Size affects fertility

In recent years, it has been shown by numerous studies (led by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine) that the size of the sex has a great importance on male fertility. Yes ? Yes !

It has been shown that an erect sex with a length of 13.4 cm will be more fertile than its 12.5 cm counterpart. It is however a very small difference (hardly 1 cm) and yet. But rest assured, the study on these fertility issues is ongoing and to date, nothing is set in stone.

The only thing that remains is that small penises may have more infertility problems than others, but nothing is guaranteed yet. Other factors can also intervene (lifestyle, smoking…).

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