Las Vegas is known globally for its vibrant nightlife, such as gambling, drinking, and nightclubs. The reputation comes with its truths, but it also underrates the many things to do while visiting the city, which boasts incredible attractions, making it an entertainment hub for families with numerous entertainment activities.

As a parent looking for family-oriented activities, there are plenty of things people under 21 can do in the city.

things to do in Vegas if you (or your child) are under 21

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1. Visit The Eiffel Tower

A replica of the Paris Eiffel tower, the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower is an attraction everyone even under 21 can enjoy. Like France’s Eiffel tower, it’s an attraction considering its tip is about 165 meters.

With a tourist pass, the charge to ride the glass elevator to the top is minimal. However, it’s worth it, offering tourists the best views of the strip. This tower incorporates the French theme in its restaurant, making it the most sort-out restaurant in the city.

2. Shark Reef Aquarium

The shark reef aquarium is located in the Mandalay area. It’s home to one of the largest aquariums globally, holding more than 1.3 million gallons of water, which makes it the largest aquarium in North America.

The child’s attraction also pulls in millions of adults as most sea life can be seen, including hammerhead sharks and crocodiles. Besides, it periodically holds exhibits where it’s possible to touch rays and sharks.

3. Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden

In things to do while in the city, visiting the Bellagio Conservatory and its botanical garden is a must-do. The itinerary showcases a unique flower display throughout the year, boasting five seasons, including the famous Chinese New Year color show. Spring comes with spring flowers, summer change and thanksgiving, and the autumn harvest before a final year display at Christmas.

The 14,000-square-foot indoor space is entirely free, making it perfect for a family looking to save while touring the city. The Bellagio fountains display every day from 3.00 pm, running after every 30 minutes from Mondays through Thursday to 8.00 pm. It runs longer than Friday, and the display is available every 15 minutes from 8.00 pm to midnight.

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4. Enjoy the Strip at Night

The nightlife in Las Vegas is what most adults look for as activities to enjoy in the city. Families enjoy another type of nightlife by visiting the strip at night, known for its length and vibrancy with magnificent bright lights, with comfortable shoes being the only requirement.

This strip is usually filled with people of all walks of life, necessitating care when taking a child below ten years late at night. On the other hand, the street performers and musicians entertain every person under 21 looking for fun the adult way.

5. Red Rock Canyon

The other family activity to undertake when in the city is visiting the red rock canyon. The great Nevada desert is home to impeccable natural formations and sights that one cannot miss. Red rock canyon is located just on the outskirts of the buzzing fast city.

With children having energy wells that do not drain, the outdoor canyon playground offers outstanding sceneries for them. A picnic on sight as a family will be irreplaceable after a long day hiking the trails. Rock climbers have a paradise as the diverse rock formations give the perfect challenge for rock climbing enthusiasts.

6. Souvenir Photo Op

The welcome sign to Las Vegas is fabulous, providing proof of what one should expect with their family or friends visiting the city. The sign’s neon sign has been captured in many iconic photos over the years, making it a desirable point for taking a photo on this iconic spot.

A great tip is to get there before visiting other city attractions for the day and check out the sign, ensuring that the least number of people will be scrambling for the perfect spot.

7. Valley of Fire

Another outdoor daytime activity a family under 21’s can enjoy is visiting the valley of fire. With the vibrant red and pink, the sandstone formations are a breathtaking sight worth the visit.

The fire state park is a recreational park open to the public, besides it being free. Hiking trails number to the hundreds on the 46,000-acre nature reserve. However, recommendations are that touring this site requires a lot of sunscreen and water as it is located in Nevada, which is a desert.

8. Fremont Street and Neon Museum

There is an older Las Vegas before the expansion to newer areas, and that is what Fremont street is. Home to some of the older classic casinos, such as the Golden gate casino, it’s sure to give thrills mainly to parents who associate it with some of the movies they watched while growing up.

Fremont Street also offers zip lining for families at a low cost. However, to get a ticket and open space, book the ticket a few days before the actual visit. Fremont’s street reputation speaks for itself as street performers fill the area, thrilling all families in attendance. Besides, the Boneyard museum is part of the old city and is the most colorful vintage place in the whole city.

With most sites replacing the old neon signs with more updated signs and lights, the boneyard is where all the signs are kept. It displays the city’s history on a wall, making it the perfect place for parents to showcase their fantastic culture to their teens and still seem cool to them, making it suitable for all age groups. Although the tours are offered daily, bookings are made in advance due to the sheer volume of people visiting.

9. Casino Resorts

The only thing that parents should be cautious about in Las Vegas is the casino itself. It does not mean that one cannot enjoy the casino resort. Casino resorts offer numerous amenities for guests who have won big to enjoy their winnings; one of the best places is the resort’s pools and beach area. Some even boast of wave pools, and an expansive arcade catered more for a childs interest.

10. New Year Celebrations

Apart from birthday parties, New Year’s Eve and the day spent in Las Vegas are perfect for every family. The experience from the strip is unlike any other, with crowds of people making merry, entertained by performers on every street. The highlight is the fireworks performance on display every year for the new year as it’s meant to dazzle, making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the family. With huge crowds expected, it’s essential to have a sense of humor as many characters will fill the streets looking for fun.

Las Vegas is the capital city of fun in the world, with lots of attractions. It’s essential to follow an itinerary to visit areas to ensure the family is not off from what they want to see. When traveling on a budget, consider the cheapest months, such as January, February, or September.

Bookings in advance will ensure that the price for hotel rooms will remain low. Gate passes on well attractions purchased early will also keep costs down.

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