Before midlife or turning 40, everyone can make their own “must do” list. It could be before 50 or even before you die. Either way, the list can change from person to person.

In the following lines, I offer you my list of 10 things to do before 40. Whether you are a man or a woman, this list is particularly addressed to you according to my personal experience, of course!

things to do before you turn 40

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1. Invest in real estate or renegotiate your mortgage rate

Around the age of 30, you can consider that your life is more stable. You then may have the possibility of investing in real estate to prepare for your retirement.

If you already have a home loan, then consider renegotiating your loan before you turn 40. Thanks to the current lowered credit rate, you will be able to relieve your cash flow, because the monthly payments can decrease!

2. Deciding on father or fatherhood

Personally, I advise you to take advantage of your thirties to have a child. That way you’ll still have the strength to keep up with him! It’s harder to deal with the “terrible two” crisis if you’re over 40.

With the stress of work and fatigue, dealing with a small child is more than enough to make you crazy! For women, pregnancy is likely to be complicated once you hit your 40s. So plan to have a baby before 40 if you want to have one.

3. Make the craziest travel trip of your life

It all depends on you and your desires, but especially on your budget. If you can, before you turn 40, plan to visit Greece and admire the famous sunset in Santorini. Or take a leisurely stroll on a heavenly beach in the Maldives.

But one of the craziest things I invite you to do before 40 is skydiving! In Mayenne in the Pays de la Loire, try the thrill, or visit France’s Spectacular Northwestern Coast. It’s worth the detour.

4. Be engaged (if you haven’t already)

Now it’s time to get into a serious relationship if you haven’t already. I think it’s reasonable to have a partner in your life to keep it stable. Yes, because it’s easier to face midlife and the years ahead together. And commitment is also a sign of maturity, even if some men prefer freedom.

5. Think about your retirement

More seriously, it is now possible to simulate your retirement, check the amount of money you have and consult your individual statement of situation online.

Find out about the conditions for retirement, such as the minimum age, and the conditions to be met within your company. You should start thinking about retirement no later than age 45 so that you can plan ahead and not be caught off guard.

6. Win back the love of your life, they say you only get one

If you’ve made a mistake and want to win back a lost love, the ideal time to start is before you turn 40. However, you need to take a step back to identify the source of your separation. Then, equip yourself with a lot of patience, because the conquest can take time.

7. Switch to online banking and stop paying fees!

As you approach middle age, you start spending less. One of the advantages of online banking is the reduced banking fees. But you also save more time, because transactions are only done online. The management of your account is secure and savings are much more profitable than in a traditional bank. It is therefore recommended if you want to free up your cash.

8. Find your own outfit style

Preparing for midlife is a way to prepare for maturity and real life. I advise you to mark your personality with your look and to adopt your own style of dress. You need to be both presentable and not vulgar. For example, you can opt for sober colors such as navy blue, gray or black. The important thing is that you feel good about yourself.

9. Learn a new language and open up to new possibilities

No, it’s not too late to start learning a new language before you’re 40. For a quick learning experience, take a language trip.

The goal is to visit a country whose native language is the foreign language you are learning. There is nothing better than a language bath to learn a new language quickly. At the same time, you will discover other horizons, cultures and personalities.

10. Moving abroad

Before the age of 40 is the best time to choose the ideal place to live. Indeed, once you have found some stability in your life, you are more focused on preparing your retirement.

I think that for a fresh start or a change of life, moving abroad is the best way. Save for this trip during your active period. Goal: more open and smarter at 40!

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